Save 17% off your Cyberpunk 2077 preorder in this Cyber Monday deal

If you were hoping to snag a next-gen console in the Cyber Monday or Black Friday sales, then you’re out of luck. Trying to get hold of a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X (or S) has been an arduous battle against bots, scalpers and website crashes that has left many of us looking at our current generation of consoles with some scorn.

Don’t let that get you down though, as those of us stuck with PS4 and Xbox One consoles may have finally got a win, with WB games listing preorders for Cyberpunk 2077 at just $49.94. This 17% saving means you’re paying less than the retail price even before the game is released on December 10, which is a very rare occurrence in the world of video games.

Best PS4 Cyberpunk 2077 deal

Cyberpunk 2077 PlayStation 4: $59.99 $49.94 at Amazon
Release Date December 10
Ready to race around Night City? This game has been one of the most anticipated releases of the decade, and now it can be yours at a 17% discount before it’s even released.View Deal

Best Xbox One Cyberpunk 2077 deal

Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One: $59.99 $49.94 at Amazon
Release Date December 10

Become a Cyberpunk this Cyber Monday (hah) with $10 off this highly anticipated release from CD Projekt Red. Its what Johnny Silverhand would want.View Deal

Cyberpunk 2077 is the latest release from esteemed game studio CD Projekt Red, who you may also recognize as the creators of the Witcher game series. With a reputation for making games that top “best of” categories for years to come, Cyberpunk 2077 has been previously billed as the ‘Game Of The Year’, despite being delayed to the point of nearly missing 2020 entirely.


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