Sanitise and refresh your clothes with AirDresser

Besides the closet that you have, Samsung wants you to have one more but this one is filled with technology. A couple of months ago we told you that the AirDresser is coming to India. Not only it arrived but it went out of stock in the first two weeks after its launch. What the AirDresser does is ‘sanitise and refresh your clothes everyday’, reducing the need for washing and dry cleaning. Here’s what Raju Pullan, senior vice-president, consumer electronics business, Samsung India, told us about the AirDresser (Rs 110,000 for 3+3 piece capacity).

Damp Indian weather conditions demand different treatment to clothes. How does the AirDresser address the situation?

The Samsung AirDresser comes loaded with features and multiple options, enabling the user to handle a variety of clothes/fabrics with utmost care in different weather conditions. It comes equipped with a unique dehumidification function, which helps in keeping clothes in ideal conditions as it draws in air from the room to extract moisture and maintain humidity at an ideal 50 per cent level.

Using steam and air, the AirDresser removes germs, pollutants and dust, while also ‘refreshing’ clothes and sanitising them, reducing the need for washing and dry cleaning. It comes with Heat Pump Drying technology that gently dries clothes at a low temperature, minimising heat damage. The Wrinkle Care feature smoothens out creases on clothes, meaning there is no need to iron. Users can get rid of odour caused by sweat, tobacco and food by using the deodorising feature that also prevents smell from building-up inside the unit.

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We wear cotton to silk to nylon to a mix. Can the machine tackle it?

It not only ensures that clothes are refreshed gently but also increases its lifespan by helping consumers avoid washing their favourite outfits frequently, which can cause damage. It features a range of specialised cycles, such as the ‘delicates’ cycle for garments made of fine material. Using the Care Recipe feature, users can rest easy knowing they are getting right recommendations based on the clothing type. The product also features a ‘special mode’ that helps in taking special care of things like suits, school uniform and down jackets.

The AI-powered capabilities that SmartThings provides allows users complete clothing care and easier maintenance. (The company doesn’t recommend silk fabric to be used in the AirDresser.)

What about cost effectiveness?

It is all about saving time and money when it comes to garment care. For example, operating a complete washer-and-dryer process with just one or two items per load or going to the dry-cleaner frequently is not time and cost efficient. All in all, the machine helps to increase the lifespan of clothes

Further, the poor air quality index and heightened awareness of everyday hygiene measures have made people more conscious of the spread of germs, more than ever before. The Jet Air and Air Hangers quickly remove dust from clothes.

How do you think the AirDresser will bring about a shift in mindset?

It can be a must-have gadget for parents seeking hygienic and germ-free clothing for school-aged kids, as it sanitises and refreshes not just clothes, but outerwear, bedding and soft toys too. It is also a great choice for corporate boardrooms, VIP lounges, clubs, hotels, luxury retailers and designers, among others.

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Dry cleaning versus AirDresser. How is it different?

It is not a washing machine or a normal dry-cleaning process. Using steam and air, the AirDresser promises to remove germs, allergens and dust while the Jet Air technology removes the dust from the inside and on the outside, reducing the need for washing and dry cleaning. The heat pump drying function is used dry garments at a low temperature that makes clothes dry and soft while adding a touch of crispness.

The initial response?

The response has been very positive and, in fact, it went out of stock in the first two weeks after its launch.

At a glance

• JetSteam uses the powerful Jet Air system to infuse high temperature steam deep into the fabric of clothes. It eliminates 99.9 per cent of viruses and bacteria, every house mite and 99 per cent of odour-causing gases.

• HeatPump Drying uses cooler temperatures to dry clothes gently and quickly reducing damage and shrinkage.

• Looking after your wardrobe is easy, thanks to the SmartThings app.

• Self-clean technology eliminates odours and build-up inside the AirDresser, so you don’t have to.


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