Samsung’s SmartTag+ Bluetooth Tracker Arrives in the U.S. – Review Geek

A SmartTag+ tracker, attached to some keys on a couch.

Right behind Apple’s AirTag trackers, you can now buy Samsung’s take on Bluetooth trackers in the United States. That follows B&H taking pre-orders even without a confirmed date, and Samsung announcing global availability. SmartTag+ will set you back $39.99 for a single tag.

The SmartTag+ shares quite a few features with the AirTags. Like Apple’s take, SmartTag+ doesn’t just use Bluetooth to find your tracker. It has an ultrawideband (UWB) radio built-in to get you a more precise location. When you’re looking for your tag, you can pull up an AR view on your phone to point the way and even highlight the area of the device.

It connects to Samsung’s Galaxy Find Network, so if you lose your keys on the go another compatible Samsung device could ping it and upload the location for you. That’s the theory, as Samsung’s Galaxy Find Network isn’t as extensive as Apple’s Find My network. Just using the SmartTag+ requires a  Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy Note20, or Galaxy Z Fold 2 for now, with future phone support promised.

Unlike the AirTags though, SmartTag+ has a hole so you can attach any lanyard you want, or just directly connect your tag to your keys or other stuff. And you can buy them in either black or denim. You can find Samsung’s SmartTag+ on Samsung’s site and Amazon right now.

An Android-friendly smart tracker


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