Samsung’s new subscription bundles a Galaxy S20 with Microsoft 365

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 family is expensive when even the ‘entry’ model begins around $1,000. The company thinks it has a solution, though: turn the phone into more of a service. It just launched an Access plan that provides an S20 phone, a Premium Care warranty, Microsoft 365 and 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage for a monthly fee. Prices range from $37 per month for the base S20 through to $48 for the S20 Ultra. You can upgrade or cancel at any time, although you’ll pay $100 if you either get a new phone in less than nine months or cancel in less than three months.

The device payments will last for three years if you don’t upgrade, although Samsung is clearly hoping you’ll use this to keep getting its latest phones. Trade-ins don’t count, so keep that in mind if you think you could get a better overall deal by selling your old phone.


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