Samsung to handhold 21 startups at CES – Tech Observer

In a bid to boost its startup incubator programmes, Electronics will support 21 homegrown ’ participation during Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021, the company said in a statement.

It said that 4 projects from its in-house idea incubation programme C-Lab Inside and 17 companies from its startup acceleration programme C-Lab Outside will display their products and services at to be held virtually from January 11 to January 14, 2021.

The statement also said that 4 teams from its in-house incubation programme will unveil products that focus on the wellness and healthy lifestyles of consumers and that the company can further develop their ideas after checking users’ responses and marketability.

These are EZCal – a TV picture quality adjustment solution using smartphones, Air Pocket – a portable device that can easily store oxygen, Scan&Dive – an Internet of Things (IoT) device offering clothing care solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) features, and Food&Sommelier – a wine-recommending service.

According to the statement, 17 startups from its C-LAB Outside programme will exhibit products and services in sectors like AI, healthcare and entertainment.

Samsung will also help startups to develop contacts with investors and buyers at CES 2021 so that they can explore overseas markets as well.


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