Samsung releases some clever Disney and Pixar wallpapers for the Galaxy S10

One of the ways that Samsung moved away from having a notch on its Galaxy S10 family of smartphones was to put the front-facing camera and sensors in the display, leaving a small cutout in the corner of the screen. Users have created some clever wallpapers to hide the hole, and Samsung recently partnered with Disney to release a series of its own custom wallpapers that camouflage the camera

Hiding the hole is pretty easy with the right wallpaper: it just needs to be surrounded by something that’s black, or call attention to it with something is actually a hole, or at least a small, round dot. Samsung partnered with Disney for its own series of wallpapers featuring characters from Frozen, Zootopia, and The Incredibles.

Most of Samsung’s official phone themes aren’t free — users can use them for 14 days before they expire and revert back to the phone’s default theme, unless they pay for it — but the company says that these new Disney ones will be free for Galaxy S10 and S10E (The Galaxy S10 Plus has a pill-shaped hole punch, and doesn’t seem to be included) users.


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