Samsung implements initiatives to assist customers during COVID-19

Although Samsung has temporarily closed its stores throughout Latin America and the Caribbean due to COVID-19, the company has rolled out initiatives to assist its customers.

Samsung has implemented three simple ways to communicate in case of technical assistance and customer service: Telephone support with a Call Center that will be attending calls from 8 am to 8 pm, through telephone numbers enabled in the 12 countries of the region (Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Venezuela, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica).

Also, for customers whose manufacturer warranty expires while our services are not available due to current restrictions, Samsung offers an extension until May 31. This applies to all its products, including smartphones, televisions, appliances, accessories and others.

Samsung Electronics Latin America firmly believes that it can be an agent of social change through the use of its advanced technologies, which aim at a commitment to social causes and the benefit of the community.

Donations have been made in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama, with the support of trade allies in some cases, to contribute to the efforts of governments in the contingency of the situation caused by the virus.

These donations, which include more than 180 Samsung equipment and devices, were destined to equip hospitals, quarantine centers and epidemiological personnel fighting in the frontlines against the pandemic.
Since January,

Samsung has donated US$29 million globally to help governments and communities that have been hit hardest, buy medical supplies and other efforts.

 “As we navigate through these uncertain times, Samsung has an important role to play in safeguarding the
safety of our employees, supporting our customers and helping our communities. We are dedicating resources to help those in need and help us, as a society, emerge stronger on the other side. We will get through this, together,” said Samsung Latin America, regional president Changup Kim.

As the situation unfolds, Samsung continues to explore more ways to help people work remotely and productively, entertain and educate themselves from home, stay in active communication with family, neighbors and peers, in a nutshell, to stay apart, but at the same time united.

The company has also implemented new ways to continue its processes, to minimise the impacts on its production and, most importantly, on all those who relay on Samsung.

Recently, the region witnessed the first digital launch, an online event in which they met the new Samsung
Galaxy S20, the versatile and revolutionary TV Sero and the Galaxy Z Flip, the company’s latest
folding device.

“We will continue with these types of initiatives to keep in constant connection with our audiences and to bring them our latest technology. We sincerely thank everyone for everything they are doing, and in particular for the support they provide to each other, to our partners and to our customers around the world, as we all look forward to the day when we can return to more normal times,” Kim said.



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