Samsung Galaxy Ring will have an earbud-like charging case

After its preview at MWC earlier this year, Samsung is nearing the launch of the Galaxy Ring next month. Now, ahead of the debut, the charging method of the Galaxy Ring has been shown off, and it’s a case similar to what you’d find with a pair of earbuds.

Like virtually every tiny wearable product, Samsung will be using a proprietary charging method for its upcoming Ring. But what charging method would be used was largely a mystery. Samsung could have used a magnetic cable or other attachment but, apparently, the company settled on a charging case for Galaxy Ring.

This was revealed by means of an image shared by Ice Universe on Weibo. The image shows off a small white plastic case which has Samsung’s logo embossed across the front and a raised section in the middle that holds the ring in place. This is using the charging pins that were clearly visible when Samsung first showed off the Ring.

As a neat touch, there are also two lines visible on the case and the ring itself which align, presumably to help users know when the ring is properly placed within the case.

Notably, this is similar to RingConn, which also uses a charging case for its smart ring. Oura, by comparison, uses a charging dock that works similar to Samsung’s, but the use of a case seems convenient for travel. It’d also be neat if there was a battery in the case so that, like earbuds, you could charge on the go. That said, with Samsung estimating battery life of up to nine days on Galaxy Ring, this charging case probably won’t be needed all that often anyway.

Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy Ring alongside new foldables, smartwatches, and more at an event on July 10.

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