Safeguard your eyes from your iPhone’s blue light with this $30 screen protector

We all know we should avoid staring at screens all day, but an offshoot of this past year spent mostly at home is that more and more of us are doing the exact opposite of that heartfelt advice.

App analytics firm App Annie found the average American spent about four hours a day on their phone last year, up from just three hours in 2019. And that doesn’t even count all the time we spent working on a computer, watching TV, playing video games, or taking online classes.

And every minute of that time, your eyes are under assault from insidious blue light. In addition to causing headaches, eye irritation, fatigue and more, prolonged exposure to blue light at the wrong time of day can also foul up your internal circadian rhythms, disrupting the body’s natural wake and sleep cycle and leaving you feeling tired or even more prone to illness.

The simple act of blocking out as much blue light as possible can have a huge effect on your body, and the Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector can safeguard your retinas and help bring your sleep schedule back into balance.

Ocushield is a super-strong tempered glass screen that goes over your iPhone screen, instantly blocking up to 90 percent of blue light from impacting your eyes. The Ocushield was created through a collection of optometrists, eye care pros, and sleep experts as an official MHRA Class 1 Medical Device, a newly minted medically-recognized classification that grades a product on its ability to screen out blue light emissions.

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Thanks to its scratch-resistant oleophobic covering, the Ocushield does more than just shield your eyes. It also shields your phone from everyday scrapes and dings that can scratch, crack, or even shatter a device screen. 

The Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector is available in several sizes to fit your specific device, including everything from brand-new iPhone 12s all the way back to ancient iPhone 7s, and they even support some Samsung Galaxy models. Right now, you can get an Ocushield on sale at over 50 percent off, or just $29.99.

Prices subject to change.


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