RotterdaM Talks About the Current StarCraft II Meta

RotterdaM Talks About the Current StarCraft II Meta

StarCraft II professional player and tournament broadcaster Kevin ‘RotterdaM’ van der Kooi has talked about how the game is shaping up in 2020.

RotterdaM is a respected veteran of the StarCraft II scene. He was a professional player in Warcraft III before he transitioned into the newest RTS game. When he plays, he uses the Protoss race but he is more known for his casting nowadays. Since he is more of an analytical caster, he still keeps with the game so that he knows the latest strategies.

At the moment, his favourite matchup in the game is Terran vs Protoss. He said, ‘I love the dance of both races trying to get the better start and love the clash between the ghost and high templars. Even though it’s been Protoss favoured in the past, I think lately the match-up looks to be in a better place and has provided some fantastic games’.

While he is a Protoss player, he thinks that Zerg is the top race in the game right now. He has said that the power of the creep and the vision it gives pushes Zerg over the other races in the game. There have been new techniques that players have innovated through recent history.

RotterdaM said, ‘The race is just fundamentally strong. Since players have gotten so good over the years at StarCraft 2, vision is everything and with creep, zerglings and overlords I think it gives them the advantage to perform at the highest level. Seeing something coming even just five seconds earlier can make all the difference in a successful defence or a quick defeat’.

Unlike other games that have patches that last for a long period of time, he thinks that StarCraft II needs patches for metas to evolve. Compared to a title like Dota 2 that changes due to constant patches, StarCraft II evolves due to players being innovative.

He said, ‘I believe SC2 will always change – with or without patches. However, it’s important to change stuff from time to time. StarCraft 2 is not Brood War. StarCraft 2 is mechanically a bit easier – still incredibly high of course, but a lot more modern. Which is why I think patches are important’.

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