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Roccat Kain 200 keyboard and wireless Vulcan 122 mouse review

The Kain 200 mouse is a new wireless version of the Kain120 and with the debate of wired over wireless, the new Kain 200 does show the benefits of going wireless. 

Boasting an Owl-eye sensor this allows DPI speeds of up to 16000dpi and the PixArt PMW3335 acceleration capabilities, it allows you to have that fast and snappy tacking speeds.

Whilst the mouse does not have as many configurable buttons as other on the market there is enough for players looking to play FPS games where the MOBA style mice configurations are not needed. The buttons themselves use the Titan click mechanics which is the newly overhauled mechanical system.

The buttons do not need too much pressure to trigger which is great for your FPS and fast-paced games whilst not making a dent into that 50 million click life cycle Roccat claim.

The kain 200 features DPI speeds of up to 16000dpi
The kain 200 features DPI speeds of up to 16000dpi

The mouse comes with adjustable DPI settings and this can be controlled from the mouse with some presets or via the software Roccat have developed. The mouse also has customisable RGB lighting that is almost a standard on any gaming gear nowadays along with 50-hour battery life so you won’t have to stop gaming any time soon.

The Kain 200 has a sleek design with a matte black finish, this creates a nice feel in the hand whilst having a smooth feel over the mousemat. It is not the largest mouse on the market and people with bigger hands might struggle to get comfortable with its sleek and efficient design.

The Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO keyboard is the anticipated follow up from the 120 version. Let’s say we are not disappointed as the predecessor set the bar high, so Roccat decided not to re-invent the wheel and stick to what works.

The 122 has the same Titan switches that are satisfying for both gaming and typing. The switches have a subtle bump when clicking that provides enough feedback to the user so you are not wasting time clicking the buttons too hard. This is great for FPS Games as it stops you wasting time with them heavy button clicks. Roccat boasts that the switches recognise the user input up to 20% faster then the industry standard switches.

The keyboard has a wonderfully sleek design and this is the main change from the 122-120 version. The keyboard now comes in a stunning white and aluminium casing version that gives you that clean aesthetic look any gamer would love. The RGB colours really pop from the keyboard and would provide and very pleasant look on any gaming set up.

Keyboards are notoriously known for getting dirty and hard to clean but again Roccat has addressed that with the raised keys and the and shortened keycaps, A simple bottle of compressed are or a gentle hoover over it will do the job.

The keyboard has a wonderfully sleek design
The keyboard has a wonderfully sleek design

The keyboard also uses the same Swarm software to customise the RGB lighting and keys if you want too. The two downsides to the keyboard are its size and the wrist rest. If you are tight for space it’s definitely not going to be for you. The keys have a widespread and with a number pad too it’s just adding to its already large size.

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Although the wrist support does look sleek and fits the design nicely it does not offer the raised padding like many others and at times felt like it offered no support when using the keyboard.

Overall the keyboard looks stunning and offers the high quality you come to expect from Roccat. Paired with the Kain 200 they make a great combination for any gamer. They both provide great build quality with the precise function that is needed for any gamer.

Both are available now Keyboard: £139.99 Mouse: £ 89.99


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