Rich and Famous who have Won Big Amounts on Slot Games

Rich and Famous who have Won Big Amounts on Slot Games

Over the last hundred or so years slot machines have made various people incredibly rich, especially the fabled Las Vegas Megabucks machines. These iconic pieces of gambling entertainment have made millionaires out of several lucky gamblers over the years, all because of the fact they offer a tantalizing progressive jackpot – follow the link here.

But it isn’t just the Las Vegas Megabucks slot machines that have earned people lots of money because there are a variety of progressive jackpot slots on offer in the modern day. One drawback from these slots is that you often need quite a large bankroll in order to fully take advantage of a progressive jackpot slot machine, something that makes them perfect for the rich and famous. Read ahead for some rich and famous people who have won big amounts at slots. 

Bruce Willis 

Bruce Willis has long been known to enjoy a spot of gambling, with him being a particularly common face to see at a variety of Las Vegas’ best casinos. Whilst the Die Hard star is mainly seen playing table games such as poker and blackjack, he is also partial to a bit of reel spinning every now and again. One thing that made Bruce Willis a famous gambler is his tendency to bet with huge stakes, and this is responsible for one large slot win… 

Legend has it that Bruce Willis put several hundred dollars on one spin of a Las Vegas slot machine, and walked away with close to a million. Now that is a seriously large amount indeed – it all shows how good progressive jackpot slots can be. According to the myth Mr Willis gave his whole prize to charity too, what a nice guy! 

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Elmer Sherwin 

Elmer Sherwin wasn’t rich and famous before he started spinning the reels of a Las Vegas Megabucks back in the 1980s, however it all changed after this. In 1989 he won $4.6 million dollars, immediately making him the recipient of the largest slot machine jackpot in the world at the time. Understandably this made Elmer Sherwin somewhat of a Las Vegas celebrity, and even more so after what happened next. 

For a good few decades, Mr Sherwin would live rather comfortably off of the proceeds of his big win, and as he was approaching old age he decided to visit Las Vegas one more time for a spin of a Megabucks machine. Amazingly he won again, this time scooping a pretty monumental $21 million. Can you believe it! 

Peter from Norway 

Okay, we must admit that this one is another case of somebody who ended up rich and famous after their big slot win, but this story about a Norwegian online gambler called Peter was too big not to include. In 2010 he was spinning the reels of an online progressive jackpot slot, and much to his disbelief he ended up pocketing €5 million! This was the second largest online jackpot ever at the time and earned him a place in the gambling history books.

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