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Revolutionizing Health Data with Innovative Blockchain Tech

Discover how WELL3 transforms health data management, prioritizes user privacy, and rewards engagement. A new era of wellness is here!


WELL3 is the pioneering Wellness Web3 platform that turned health data management into rewarding incentives. With its very unique DePIN—Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network—and Decentralized Identity, WELL3 surprises users with unexpected airdrop events and incentives.

With a base of over 1 million pre-registered users, WELL3 aims to boost wellness through safe, data-centric health experiences. This strategy allows users to raise the bar for data ownership and security while providing bespoke wellness solutions informed by AI technology.

Highlights and Milestones

WELL3 has succeeded in attracting over 900,000 unique users, with 17 million transactions in user-created NFTs amounting to 7.1 million. The notable achievement of this platform is its ability to raise $55M in less than 24 hours. It has strong partnerships with various industry giants like Samsung, AWS, Animoca Brands, Blocore, and Fenbushi.

The Partner Network is enormous, including Polygon, Mantle, Solana, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum One. WELL3 has secured an impressive $55m USD TVL (15,237.2 ETH) during their 24-hour public token sale which remained locked for seven days, on top of that, they securing more than $8 million through seed rounds and sales of NFTs.

When WELL3 announced that it was developing a brand new wearable that would turn users’ wellness figures into blockchain data using the WELL3 Ring, over 900,000 users signed up for the NFT Ring whitelist and joined the WELL3 ecosystem. Moreover, in a short span since its launch, WELL3 has emerged as the biggest NFT collection on the opBNB chain, boasting over 324,000 owners and 8 million NFTs.

The platform has processed 17M transactions. In order to boost interoperability and enhance user experience, WELL3 has formed strategic alliances with several blockchain platforms, including Polygon, Solana, Base, Ton, Avalanche, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and more.

Key Features of WELL3

Safe decentralization of data: The DePIN system processes health-related information securely within the confines of Protected Execution Environments (PEE), supported by AWS, guaranteeing the confidentiality and protection of user data.

Incentivizing wellness through wearables: WELL3 launches a unique range of wearable devices, beginning with a smart ring featuring advanced sensors and algorithms for a holistic health analysis. Users are rewarded with $WELL tokens for their active involvement and agreement to share anonymized health data.

Total control over personal information: With the aid of WELL3’s DePIN and DID solutions, users maintain full control over their personal data and are protected from unauthorized intrusion, data leaks, and fraudulent activities.

Multichain framework: WELL3’s extensive blockchain network includes platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Blast, and TON, facilitating user interaction across different platforms, thus improving user experience and minimizing transaction costs.

Cross-platform compatibility: WELL ID is designed to function smoothly across diverse platforms and services, doing away with the need for multiple passwords and repetitive verification procedures.


Token Metric:

  • Company: WELL3
  • Token: $WELL
  • Blockchain: Multichain
  • Sector: DePIN and DID
  • Model: DePIN and AI in the wellness industry

Token Distribution:

  • The tokenomics promotes engagement among loyal adopters and contributors.
  • 71% of WELL tokens go to community initiatives.
  • 5% (2.1 billion tokens) allocated for liquidity at TGE.
  • Max supply of WELL tokens: 42 billion.
  • Lock-up period: Tokens unlock over 24 months.

Use Cases:

The DePIN ecosystem rewards sharing contributions on one’s health data and another activity. This system also contributes to the WELL3 decentralized network, supporting its structure and functionality.

It will also be used to create and manage identities via WELL ID to increase privacy and control with the user. It will act as a currency for any digital or physical purchase within WELL3 and help in transactions and exchanges.


Recently, WELL3 announced a collaboration with major blockchain players such as Polygon, Ethereum, Base, and many more. The partnerships were incredibly fruitful and had huge potential for mutual growth and seamless implementation in the future.

More Chains, More Wins speaks about users’ benefits when WELL collaborates with many chains. If you are a WELL3 user, then it holds the meaning of huge rewards and airdrops, not on one but across multiple chains.


WELL3 has become one of the most ultramodern platforms built on blockchain technology to upset conventional health data management. Its sporting colossal milestones, key alliances, and novel features that back the case for its becoming a leader in the wellness sector, the DePIN system, wearable technology, and decentralized identity solutions offered by WELL3 put the privacy concerns of a user at the top while rewarding their engagement. This is more so since the multi-chain partnerships and the token distribution strategy at this platform improve user experience, thus brightening WELL3’s future and its growing user base.


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