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The Salomon Thundercross shoes prove that trail running can be as comfortable and stable as running on a road. Furthermore, the wonderful build quality and well-considered running position ensure that these are great for amateurs and professionals alike.

Alongside this, I adored the lacing system, the striking colours, and the wonderful fabric finish. However, the slightly tight sizing is something to keep in mind. Consequently, you may wish to up your size to prevent pinching or hotspots. Furthermore, these all-rounder trail shoes work perfectly on light gravel, heavy mud, or tarmac sections. As such, they are great for multi-terrain events.

What’s in the box of the Salomon Thundercross shoes?

  • The understated packaging won’t fill you with excitement. However, it is sturdy and can be recycled. Additionally, the contents are well protected in transit.
  • The Salomon Thundercross shoes look fantastic! They are available in multiple colours, and I was lucky enough to receive the Plum Kitten version.

Technical aspects.

Picking the correct running shoe is a minefield! First, you must understand your gait, and from here you need to know how you strike the ground, how often you’ll be running, and what terrain you will tackle. What’s more, do you want a fabric shoe or one made from GORE-TEX? Luckily, the Salomon Thundercross shoes tackle many of these problems with their well-considered design.

This neutral running shoe focuses on comfort and grip. Additionally, the maximal cushioning, 4mm drop, and standard shoe width are familiar and ideal if you are a seasoned runner. However, if you tend to heel strike, the smaller drop may cause you an issue. As such, you’ll need to look at an alternative such as the Speedcross 6.

Let’s slide on to another fine feature.

Trail running is thwarted by dangers. Yet, whilst wearing these shoes, I experienced minimal slippage thanks to the 5mm lug depth. It didn’t matter if I was trekking through mud, gravel, or fields, I experienced a reassuring grip throughout. Moreover, the comfortable and snug ankle collar lies just below your ankle and this prevents rubbing or chaffing.

Another incredible feature was Salomon’s Energy Foam cushioning. This understated but game-changing material reduces vibration whilst increasing energy return. What’s more, it feels softer than traditional running foam and it reduces the weight of your running shoe. Consequently, these feel amazing no matter how long you wear them.

How well do the Salomon Thundercross shoes perform?

Hitting the trails can be a chastising experience. However, the Salomon Thundercross shoes help to reduce fatigue and impact throughout your body. What’s more, the incredible grip and stable core help you to confidently tackle every obstacle you face. Alongside this, the slider lacing system was a genius idea! No one likes to stop and do up their shoelace. As such, this simple but secure setup allows you to set your tension and get on with your day.

During my testing, I encountered puddles, rain, sunshine, wind, and plenty of mud. Throughout all of this, the shoes held up perfectly. However, sadly, they quickly became saturated with water. Yet, this didn’t impact usability or comfort. Furthermore, the shoes dried quickly without deforming the shape or the support structure.

Build quality.

No matter what running shoes you buy, you want them to last. Thankfully, the Salomon Thundercross shoes are extremely well-built. The deep lugs and rubberised outsole appear hardy and robust. Moreover, the unusual lacing system can be roughly handled without concern of damage or breakages.

On top of this, the moderately sized toe box is ideal as long as you do not have wide feet. I found the insole to be comfortably placed, and I didn’t experience any pinching or hotspots. What’s more, my feet were secure even when my socks were soaked. Consequently, I didn’t suffer from any blisters, nor did I bruise any toenails. Accordingly, these shoes are perfect for short races, walking, or endurance events.

Are the Salomon Thundercross shoes worth it?

I have adored my time with the Salomon Thundercross shoes. These phenomenal trail shoes give you so much confidence that your pace will increase and your enjoyment will go through the roof. Additionally, they munch through horrendous terrain without a care in the world. Consequently, you’ll carve through mud, gravel, and fields without breaking a sweat. Alongside this, the interesting lacing system and energy foam cushioning make these shoes stand out from the crowd. Therefore, I recommend that you buy them here!

(More information on Salomon can be found here!)

The Salomon Thundercross shoes are awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.The Salomon Thundercross shoes are awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.


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