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Review: Ravenous Devils – Movies Games and Tech

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When a game lands on my desk, I normally know what it’s about. Consequently, I form opinions and some biases before I start. Therefore, it’s pleasant when I receive an unknown entity. Ravenous Devils is one game that has slipped under my radar and something that instantly intrigued me.

Developed by Bad Vices Games and published by Troglobytes Games, this is a horror cooking simulation title. What’s more, it has a devilishly macabre sense of humour and a simple approach. Subsequently, it is easy to pick up, moreish as hell and will make you feel undecidably naughty. 

Sweeney Todd or Ravenous Devils?

There is an uncanny resemblance between Ravenous Devils and the tales of Sweeney Todd. The gruesome and brutal history surrounding the amalgam of sources for Sweeney Todd is eye-opening. Therefore, it understandably influences many modern stories.

Ravenous Devils, however, is a bit more upbeat in its approach. Yes, it is gory and violent, but its humorous undertones offer some light relief. You control Percival and Hildred, the crazy protagonists in this cruel tale. They have faked their deaths and are now starting a new. Yet, their business is just as deadly and their secrets just as cruel.

The couple runs a tailor/garden/pub, so, so far, so good. But this “normal” endeavour hides many dark mysteries. The first of these is that humans are the core ingredients. Their meat is used in every meal and people adore the couple’s food. Second, the fertiliser for the organic vegetables is made from decomposing humans. Finally, the fine clothing on sale is all secondhand. This shouldn’t be a problem, but the clothes all come from the couple’s long list of victims. In short, the protagonists are evil and need to see a shrink.

Relentless gameplay. 

Like many of its peers, Ravenous Devils is relentless. If you’ve tried Overcooked, Tools UP, or Moving Out, you’ll know what to expect. The constant stream of murders, baking, and tailoring is matched by the never-ending line of punters. These greedy patrons are short on patience and will ruin your reputation if they are displeased. Consequently, you must think fast and work hard to win them over.

The fast-paced action demands a logical and methodical mind. You must control every move of Percival and Hildred. This is easier said than done as each occupies different floors of their business. You’ll murder people upstairs, dump them down the chute, and then clean up. All the while, Hildred will grind the meat, bake the food, and serve the famished customers. It’s a mission to spin every plate, but if you don’t, your reputation will be ruined and you’ll make no money.

Secret mission and upgrades.

The madness of the action is nicely balanced because of the upgradable equipment. You can sew faster, cook quicker, and get more resources from each corpse. However, as you improve your shop, more layers are added to the action. You’ll increase your customer base, enhance your recipes, and unlock a greenhouse. Subsequently, your 2 spinning plates quickly become 4 or 5.

Alongside this, there are secret missions to complete. You believe your crimes are safe, but they are not. Someone knows about your grisly past and present and they want to exploit it. If you are successful, you are rewarded, and no one is any the wiser. Failure is unthinkable and should not be considered. 

Grind those humans into meat.
Turn those corpses into meat.

Ravenous Devils captures the era perfectly. 

Ravenous Devils has a Victorian look and feel to it. Luckily, the visuals capture the era perfectly. With sultry and earthy tones and grubby cobbled streets, it looks great. What is of concern, however, is the lack of variety. The action focuses on one shop and nothing else. Unlike its peers that ooze variety and unique stage design, this game rigidly sticks to one area. Fortunately, I was too busy killing people to be bothered, but some of you may find it tiresome.

The sinister and comical nature of the game is captured within the audio. The creepy music and gut-wrenching sound effects enhance the gory elements. What’s more, there are some great one-liners that will make you chuckle. Annoyingly, though, there isn’t enough variety within these sound bites. Therefore, the dialogue becomes repetitive and loses its edge. 

Superb controls. 

Thanks to its excellent layout, responsive inputs, and brilliant UI, Ravenous Devils is superb to control. Furthermore, its fundamentals are easy to grasp and it can be mastered quickly. Yet, the opening moments are a little confusing and some trial and error must be incorporated. This wasn’t an issue though, as you are quickly up to speed.

There is so much to do and so many people to kill that you’ll play for hours. Sadly, the longevity is impacted because of the short story. This tainted an otherwise great cooking management sim.

Ravenous Devils is disturbingly good. 

Ravenous Devils surprised me! Its macabre style and its nod to Sweeney Todd were wonderful. Its gameplay is moreish and the plot, though short, was great. It had me hooked instantly and I can’t wait for the endless mode to be added. I loved it and I recommend you to buy it here! Who cares about morals when a profit can be made. Kill them, cook them, and get rich in the process. 


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