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Paleo Pines - Official Launch Trailer

Paleo Pines is a cute family-friendly title that’s similar to Harvest Moon. Accordingly, this adorable game is simple, addictive, and sickeningly delightful. Furthermore, it is loaded with dinosaurs and loving townsfolk. As such, there is plenty to see and do.

This life-sim experience was developed by Italic Pig and published by Modus Games. What’s more, it has a healthy dashing of farming, resource gathering, and quests to complete. Additionally, there is a large world to explore and oodles of dinosaurs to discover. As such, once this gets its claws into your skin, it is tough to put down.

Explore the world on the back of your dinosaur.

Paleo Pines tells a tale as old as time. 

Paleo Pines doesn’t win an award for originality. Unfortunately, its story is as familiar as they come. However, this mattered not, as I adored the simplicity and the laid-back approach. Additionally, you’d be insane not to fall for this dinosaur/farming endeavour.

You are the new owner of a rundown ranch. Consequently, there is plenty to do if you want to call this home. With the help of your pet Parasaurolophus, you will turn this rundown ranch into a dino sanctuary. Additionally, you’ll help the locals with their issues whilst clearing paths and opening new regions. However, this is easier said than done! Subsequently, you must befriend certain dinosaurs if you are to complete every quest and explore every inch of this one-of-a-kind island.

Loads to do but easy to handle.

What makes Paleo Pines so great is its user-friendly gameplay. Every aspect of this kid-friendly title is simple to understand. What’s more, there are loads of side quests to tackle and an easy-to-follow central goal. On top of this, you can decorate your ranch, grow crops, and befriend a large roster of dinosaurs. 

Alongside this, there are 3 seasons to enjoy and several regions to unlock. Accordingly, there are plenty of hidden surprises to discover. Consequently, though the fundamentals are straightforward, there is plenty of content to keep you busy. 

Use the dinosaur to work the land.

Learn the secrets of each dinosaur. 

Where this shines is its variety of dinosaurs. Each of these prehistoric beasts has special skills and abilities. Furthermore, you can use these strengths to run your ranch and explore the world. Each of these creatures comes in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, you must be conscious of pairing the herbivores with the carnivores. 

As you create a trusting relationship with each dinosaur, you can apply a saddle and ride it. Alongside this, you can use each breed for an array of tasks. Some of them smash debris, whilst others destroy rocks or trees. Moreover, you can tend to your crops by spraying water like a hose. 

It was fascinating to find each creature in the wild. Yet, it was much more enjoyable to build trust and discover their many hidden talents. This concept keeps you busy, as the game rarely gives things away. As such, it was always a pleasant surprise to discover each beast’s skills and favourite snacks. 

Paleo Pines is an explosion of colour. 

The developers have used every colour under the rainbow. Accordingly, Paleo Pines arrives in an explosion of colour. Furthermore, the cute art style and interesting world are pleasant to look at and wonderful to explore. On top of this, I loved the look of each dinosaur and the animation was smooth. 

The audio was just as good. The wholesome soundtrack is adorable and the sound effects are lighthearted and non-offensive. Subsequently, this is perfect for younger gamers. My only complaint is the lack of spoken dialogue. It would have been nice if the cutscenes were acted out. However, this wasn’t to be, and you are left with a lot of reading as a consequence. 

Gather the ingredients and make some food.

The controls weren’t good enough. 

Though the UI is well-considered and easy to handle, the controls are painfully clumsy. As a result, you’ll run into debris or you’ll struggle to plant crops, hoe the soil, or water your seeds. Thankfully, this wasn’t game-breaking, but it made it unnecessarily tough for youngsters to get hands-on. Accordingly, you will be needed to help any young would-be farmers.

This addictive title is tough to put down! Consequently, it is a cute time sink that will devour your evening. Furthermore, completing every quest and finding all the dinosaurs is no mean feat. As such, you’ll become obsessed with creating a perfect dino ranch and uncovering every secret.

Paleo Pines is a relaxing child-friendly endeavour. 

If you are looking for a fun and non-offensive child-friendly game, then look no further. This vivid and straightforward endeavour is perfect for fans of the genre. Additionally, it is great if you want to treat your kids to a safe and violent-free experience. However, my only gripe was the poor controls. Yet, don’t let this put you off an otherwise fantastic title. Subsequently, I loved playing it and I recommend that you buy it here! Can you help the locals and repair your ranch? Befriend the dinosaurs, gather resources, and become one with the community. 


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