Review: NormaTec’s legendary recovery system is not just for Olympians

Normatech Recovery System

An incomplete list of elite athletes who have been photographed and wearing, assembling or carrying a version of the NormaTec Recovery System: Russell Wilson, Anthony Davis, Mo Farah, Rickie Fowler, Chloe Kim, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mookie Betts, Nastia Liukin, Tua Tagovailoa , Tiger Woods, Zoë McDougall, Drew Brees and Steph Curry.

When the medical bioengineer Dr. Laura F. Jacobs patented her pneumatic waveform Sequential Pulse in 1998 – a form of pulse compression that promotes venous blood flow throughout the body – she imagined the technology as a non-invasive treatment for circulatory disorders. The idea was that adults with peripheral vascular diseases whose blood vessels tend to become blocked or cramped could use a massage system that clamps the affected areas (similar to a sphygmomanometer) and “milks” the blood to the heart before it is sent back to the outer limbs refreshed ,

For this purpose, Dr. Jacobs launched the NormaTec pneumatic compression device in 2002.

Over the next five years, the fastest and strongest wind in the sports world seized the revolutionary massage system and began to warm up his muscles before training and catalyze the recovery in the subsequent limping hours. Like every smart, open-minded company, NormaTec relied on the unexpected success. The brand opened its Athlete Technologies business in 2007 and began a 13-year dominance in the recovery of legs, hips and shoulders.

This is not a case where athletes sell dubious kickback technology on Instagram. NormaTec systems enjoy institutional trust. The CEO of USA Track and Field calls NormaTec a “decisive partner” for its athletes. Ironman champions swear by it. The University of Alabama, Los Angeles Rams and Boston Ballet all rely on NormaTec systems.

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The Pulse Recovery System in action (NormaTec).

While the systems in the rooms of professional trainers have been an obvious mainstay for some time, the general population has not had much experience with NormaTec’s boots or shoulder pads. When I first saw a series of 20 things slide into the stupid nylon tubes at Finish Line Physical Therapy in New York’s Flatiron District (a haven for runners with anti-gravity treadmills, cryotherapy chambers and infrared saunas), I muttered: “To hell …? ”

This strange mix of omnipresence and mystery has something to do with price. The many variations of NormaTech systems range around $ 1,300. But its recent surge in popularity reflects a more general public that is becoming aware of the idea of ​​recreational fitness. Lay people, athletes and weekend warriors have for years rejected active relaxation as an integral function in their fitness program. Aside from some half-baked stretching or the occasional 15 minutes in the steam bath or sauna, most athletes don’t take the time between workouts as seriously as the PR times.

Of course, this is no longer the case. Preventive measures such as drum therapy, courses for marathon runners to ward off injuries, Pilates to correct posture, bathhouses after training and a whole range of other relaxation-oriented rituals let the simple man finally try to reach the best athletes in the world for a long time Practice time. And NormaTech sleeves are rightly part of this movement.

Recreational training is the most overlooked part of your workout
Percussive therapy is the rare fitness innovation that actually works

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I recently tested a pair of the Pulse 2.0 recovery system. I’m 6 ″ ″ ″ ″ ″ ″ (5 ″ ″ ″ ″ ″ ″ -6 ″ ″) but had little trouble pulling my sleeves over each leg. They connect via two outlet hoses to a control unit that was extremely easy to use. Choose a massage length (I chose 30 minutes), choose an intensity level (I chose 5; there are 7 levels) and sit back. As the tubing tightened around my legs, from my ankles to my calves and thighs, I tapped on a project on my computer and took a sip of tea.

The system has a pre-set stimulation algorithm that allows you to target each corner of your legs multiple times within 30 minutes. It is not an easy pressure, but it is not painful either. My thoroughly unscientific criticism: You can feel how the tension is gradually filtered out. I juiced it to 7 in the last few minutes, then closed it and removed my legs. I was skiing and then I worked hard on my legs on consecutive days at the gym before using the sleeves. That’s why they hated me for 48 hours. But after the session, I felt light and relaxed, as if I had spent an hour in a hot tub.

I take care of my livelihood and strive to stay active throughout the week, but my training regimen has more to do with a fourth grader’s fitness class than with the routines of Drew Brees or Nastia Liukin. That said, the amount or intensity of physical activity in your life shouldn’t stop you from engaging in intermittent pneumatic compression (the official name for the therapy). We write a lot about back pain, aging knees, spinal cord affected by old injuries or a sedentary lifestyle – this machine is also intended for people who suffer from these symptoms. It is intended for pregnant women with exhausted ankles or ground keepers who throw a shovel around all day.

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The price may not be fully democratic yet (considering that the grassroots clientele could be much worse), but the information about the fitness for recreation was certainly there. If you take a system home, you should either use it A) in the morning or 10 minutes before training to prepare the muscles and ligaments for physical activity, or B) like me in the evening. for a period of 30 minutes to an hour to start the crucial recovery process and help your body get well.

Here you will find the entire range of NormaTec systems. And in the event that you’re still convinced of its worth, Arya apparently used her to help her kill the Night King.

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