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Review: LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7

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LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 has broken the mould! This incredibly powerful software enables would-be streamers to edit their videos without breaking the bank. Moreover, it stands head and shoulders above its predecessor, and that is almost unheard of. I reviewed LUXEA Video Editor 6 in August 2022, and I adored it. However, this latest iteration has smashed its predecessor out of the park.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that ACDSEE’s latest video programme is perfect because it isn’t. But the minor shortcomings do not undermine an otherwise incredible editing experience. Consequently, if you want something that is relatively easy to use, whilst being surprisingly powerful, then I suggest that you look no further.

LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 makes some great steps forward.

This suitably entry-level programme is jam-packed with top-end editing features. Accordingly, if you are used to using Adobe’s premium service, or any one of its monster peers, you’ll be surprised by what you see. Not only does this have customisable workspaces, but you can pre-edit your work from the source monitor. Though this wasn’t a feature I took advantage of, I can see the benefits and was impressed, nonetheless.

The new features that blew me away were the transition effects and the masking options. On top of this, I loved the precise controls and ability to flit through your clips with ease. Additionally, the option to lock each aspect of your project to prevent mistakes enhanced the usability.

Alongside this, you can adjust each layer of media at the touch of a button. Subsequently, you’ll create the perfect transition from clip to clip. Furthermore, you can play with the opacity, rotation, scaling, blend, and audio for each clip. This was incredible, as you felt in control of everything you were doing. Additionally, it made removing errors and unwanted clips a cinch.

Transitions and masking.

Creating a seamless video that blends and merges is no easy feat. However, LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 allows you to “cheat” your way to victory with its fantastic transition and masking tools. If you are familiar with video editing, you’ll know how important both of these features are. Yet, this software makes incorporating them into your project a straightforward endeavour.

There are plenty of standard or fancy transitions to choose from. As such, you can be as sensible or as outlandish as you like. Furthermore, adjusting each transitional stage is a cinch. Consequently, you can hide horrendous cuts behind a “fade to black” or a “checkerboard” effect. On top of this, you can blend two clips beautifully using the pre-set masks or any you wish to download. These masking tools create a natural transition from one clip to another. Subsequently, they allow you to deliver something slightly understated, but just as smooth.

Behaviours, captions, and speed.

LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 allows you to generate some incredibly fancy projects. Thanks to the speed ramping feature, you can increase and decrease your clips. This was particularly useful for promotional videos or sports clips. Alongside this, you can adjust the behaviours of any media you use. Accordingly, you can have overlaid text explode into a shot or fade away.

Finally, you may wish to be bold and brash with amusing or informative captions. This was a great tool that was simple to edit while delivering excellent results. Additionally, if you combined this with the behaviour settings, you were rewarded with some interesting and fancy results.

LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 needs a better audio tool.

I was spoilt when I used Adobe Premiere Pro. The audio tool is second to none, and I became lazy as a consequence. Now that I’ve moved to this software, I am left yearning for a better audio tool! Unfortunately, the balancing options and the transitional phasing is not good enough. As such, you have to invest plenty of time and effort to get things right.

Though there is a steep learning curve regarding the audio elements, LUXEA does deliver a decent end product. Thanks to the audio monitor and the excellent equaliser, you can adjust your levels for every clip. Yet, for reasons unknown, you can not alter multiple clips at once. On top of this, there is no pre-set balancing for narration, sound effects, game audio, and so forth. As such, there is some trial and error needed if you are to get the balance right.


If you are new to video editing, it can be a daunting experience. You are welcomed by multiple workspaces and plenty of mixers and editing tools. As such, you are tempted to quit before you get going. Thankfully, though, LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 is different. The ACDSEE team has invested plenty of time and effort into creating “how-to guides” to get you started. What’s more, there is a helpful community of hardened users to get you started.

However, if you prefer a trial-and-error approach, the clean workspaces and excellent audio monitor are easy to understand. Subsequently, you can work through many of the harder elements and still produce something impressive. Alternatively, if you are a video editing aficionado, you’ll adore the straightforward set-up and easy-to-handle editing tools.

Is LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 worth it?

If you want an affordable and powerful video editing suite that will deliver incredible videos, then look no further. This easy-to-handle software is incredibly user-friendly and wonderfully responsive. Moreover, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Consequently, every video that I’ve created has impressed me. Yet, for all its positives, I wish that the audio had better transitional features. The limitation of fading in and out wasn’t good enough. However, this doesn’t tarnish an otherwise incredible experience. As such, I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on ACDSEE can be found here!)


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