[REVIEW] LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar: Find Your Pup With This Smart GPS

Would you like some serious information about frequent risks to your little furry companions? Dogs and cats, particularly older pets, are susceptible to gaining weight like people. PetMD reports that 17.6% (13.9 million) of U.S. dogs are obese and that 35.1% (29.9 million) are overweight. According to the American Humane Association, more than 10 million pets – cats and dogs – are missing every year, either lost or stolen.


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Such figures are disconcerting, particularly considering how much joy our furry friends bring to our lives. Of course, dog parents should do their responsibilities to keep their pets happy, comfortable, and safe. And while daily trips to the vet and some good old-fashioned TLC work wonders, technology can also play a pivotal role. 

These days, personal trackers are a hot commodity inside the tech community. Today, there are various options, from physical activity fitness trackers to wallet monitoring and backpack monitoring cards. One business segment that continues to heat up is pet trackers. LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar got most of the dog parents’ attention due to its great features. 

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Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

The Link AKC Smart Collar is a Bluetooth-enabled dog collar that uses GPS technology to track your pet’s whereabouts and help you find them when they go astray. Furthermore, the collar combines a smartphone app that allows you to track your dog’s well-being, set their exercise goals, and log your “adventures” together. It’s more than just a homing beacon, right? 

The collar is “like the first smartphone of your dog,” says the product page. If you’ve always wanted to give your dog a mobile device it could wear around your neck, then the Link AKC Smart Collar could be your collar.

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Big Dog, Big Heart

The collar has three different parts when you open the box. There’s the beautiful, brown leather collar; the tracker that clicks into the collar; and a home base powered via a USB cable.

The collar can be picked in sizes ranging from 9 inches for an extra-small to 25 inches for an extra-large. The tracker itself, however, is relatively big. It curves to match your dog’s neck and measures five inches long, and you can not choose a smaller size of the tracker.

You can check your pet’s position depending on the plugged-in home base, monitor their activity, and set goals for every day. When you’re going out for a walk or to the park, you can press the red “Start Adventure” button, which will hold your journey’s GPS log and take pictures with your phone’s camera.

You can also find a Records tab in the app, or a note-taking feature that allows you to store details about vaccines and check-ups, and a temperature alert. You can set thresholds for both low and high air temperatures. If the collar senses fluctuations in either direction, the sensor will warn you.

Home Alone

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

The monitoring device makes use of Bluetooth to detect whether your dog is home or away. When your dog ventures out of a pre-programmed zone away from the charging cradle included in the tracker, the device will give you an alert. The cradle must, of course, be plugged in to ensure a Bluetooth connection to the collar.

This uses Bluetooth to set up “protected zones”-like, for instance, your front yard – in which your dog doesn’t need GPS monitoring. When your dog is out of those ranges, you get a warning, the GPS swings into motion. In there, you can use the combined device to locate the location of your dog and make it safe and sound at home. 

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Old and new tricks

 Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

The Link AKC Smart Collar could help your dog lose weight. It’s mostly like a Fitbit for your dog, insofar as it helps you to track its levels of activity and set health targets so that you can make sure that your dog gets the right amount of exercise.

Speaking of the activity tracker, the collar has a 9-axis accelerometer, similar to those used in wearables for humans–helping track and calibrate the dog’s activity depending on activity levels, and the type and age of the dog.

The collar shows up in the night, which is a useful feature because most dogs aren’t luminescent naturally. Imagine that night walks in minimally lit areas are risky, so you spend the entire time worrying that your dog will fall into a pit. The LINK AKC Smart Collar will allow you to avoid holes.

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