Review: LA’s Remedy Place is a private wellness club

remedy place

Every detail in Remedy Place has been carefully crafted to make members feel completely relaxed


While they have finally prevailed at the national level, the two concepts of “self-care” and “wellness” have long been part of LA’s cultural identity. Wherever you look, the celebrities and influencers who call the city at home sell new products, services and treatments with a unique goal: to make you feel better and to appear to be a bronzed Adonis with a high-performing smile, while you’re in town at it.

In a place with more spas, exercise studios, holistic healers, and organic groceries than you can shake with a foam roller, you’d think that no concept was turned upside down. But then visit Remedy Place, an innovative new “Social Wellness Club” on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, and see how wrong you were.

An infrared sauna at Remedy Place

The atmosphere

It stretches over 4,500 immaculately designed square meters and is not just another store front that offers infusions or access to infrared saunas. Remedy Place is far from a clinic and not really a spa. It was designed as a kind of third room: think of a sleek hotel lobby designed for relaxation, but one with hyperbaric oxygen chambers (more on this below).

The declared goal of founder Dr. Jonathan Leary, creating a space that is unparalleled in form and function, is in every detail. The room is illuminated with warm tones to reduce exposure to blue light, and a tonal soundtrack emits from a speaker system that is 7.83 Hz (the approximate frequency of the earth) and 40 Hz (to trigger gamma brain wave activity) combined. Zooming out was the big idea to design a place where self-care – usually a lonely occupation – can be combined with social interaction. Or like Dr. Leary describes it: “A place where a healthy lifestyle improves social life rather than being sacrificed as a result.”

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Professional tip: If you’re sober or just taking a break from alcohol, plan your work or evening drink in the lounge and nutritional bar at Remedy Place. Order an adaptogenic or nootropic alcohol-free cocktail from the drinks menu or ask the nutritional bartender for something special.

This is not a cocktail

What’s on offer?

While Remedy Place has been referred to as the “Soho House of Wellness” and refers to itself as the “Social Wellness Club”, it is open to the public. Services (or “legal remedies”) are offered à la carte, in packages or as part of a $ 495 monthly membership.

Remedy Place has put together services that have never existed under one roof and are used to achieve and maintain homeostasis (or the inner balance that Leary calls “the epitome of health”). Each service correlates with what Remedy Place calls the 7 elements of balance: mind, oxygen, exercise, nutrients, cold, heat and compression.

In line with these elements, the range of services includes group meditations, breathing work hours and sound baths in a soundproof glass atrium, exercise therapy, drip infusions and vitamins

Recordings in luxurious private lounges suitable for single or two person sessions, cryotherapy chambers, infrared saunas, lymphatic drainage massages and micronutrient and food sensitivity tests.

Pro-Tip: If you land in LA after a long haul flight and want to overcome fatigue and jet lag, go to Remedy Place to get the antidote to LAX Rebalance. It’s a package deal that includes an infrared sauna, an ice bath with breathing work, and hyperbaric oxygen (and you save $ 80 compared to booking a la carte).

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The meditation studio on Remedy Place

Plus: ice baths and hyperbaric oxygen chambers

Remedy’s two centerpieces can be their ice baths and hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Since you will probably never buy enough ice to fill your tub at home and make sure you can get in, book the ice bath with a breathing work class. They have built a beautifully barren ice bath with three bathtubs (a perfect activity for friends) and take care of the prep work. You only need to dive in for three to six minutes while a Remedy Place representative calms you down and teaches you the correct breathing techniques.

If you don’t want to get wet, opt for a 60-minute session in one of the four futuristic hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Remedy Place, which was once only accessible to professional athletes or in the clinical setting, democratizes hyperbaric oxygen chambers with accessible machines that are equipped with a lot of glass to alleviate claustrophobic feelings.


Regardless of whether your needs are more everyday – recovering from your training, looking for a meditation studio, interested in a cryotherapy program – or whether you are ready to take your wellness program to the next level – Remedy Place has everything ready for you , And Dr. Leary tells us that there are additional Remedy Place locations in the pipeline, both additional locations in Los Angeles and an outpost in NYC – so be excited.



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