Review – Innergie 180G gaming laptop power adapter

Before we all start to question why there is the word “gaming” there, it just means that it is compatible with gaming laptops. And gaming laptops tend to need more power to run games its fullest potential, that’s why the Innergie 180G exists. It’s a 180W laptop power brick with changeable tips – and we’re here to tell you why you should get this instead.

If you’re using any laptop other than Apple’s MacBooks, then you should stick with us and go on a tour with us to understand why the Innergie 180G is actually something you didn’t know you needed.

Innergie is a brand by Delta, a company that makes industrial-grade power supplies, cooling solutions, and many more.


I think this is the most important aspect of this product. The box itself looks rather simple as you have the name of the product itself and some product description – including a two-year warranty. At the bottom part where there are 3 things to highlight – we have the UK plug variant (actually it doesn’t matter), and it works with a variety of laptops from many brands.

Innergie 180G gaming power adapter

On the side here is where some important information is found. Firstly, it has a switching power supply so that it works globally, which means it is great for travel. It outputs 180W max, which we already know, and it comes with a total of 5 different tips.

Innergie 180G gaming power adapter

The list above shows that it supports laptops the major laptop brands around the world, but it is not guaranteed to work with every laptop. That is why Innergie is also having the free tip program, which you can request Innergie to send you a tip for free so that you can use it for your laptop.

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Innergie 180G gaming power adapter

The unboxing experience is rather underwhelming, revealing just the basics. I do wish there’s a pouch included to pack all of these things inside.


The brick itself is pretty minimalistic. It’s boxy with rounded edges and chamfered sides, and made entirely out of plastic. Compared to the ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GU502’s original power supply, the Innergie one is smaller and lighter because it outputs 50W less power.

Innergie 180G gaming power adapter
I mean… what’s there to see here?

Now, the reason why we said it doesn’t matter if it’s a UK plug or not is that the wall jack adapter is removable. It’s using a standard C5 power cord, which is widely available. And since the Innergie 180G has switching input power, it is usable in all countries.

Innergie 180G gaming power adapter

The non-detachable tip of the cable on the Innergie 180G leads to this header. It’s smart that these tips have a little notch for alignment, and also has the identifier alphabet written on the notch itself.


Well… it’s not that simple. The Innergie 180G is a 180W power supply, whereby the ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GU502 that we have here, comes with a 230W power supply. That gap of 50W makes it unsuitable for the Zephyrus M, but it’s still worth comparing.

While it is an unfair test due to the 50W gap, we ran benchmarks on the Zephyrus M while connected to the stock 230W power supply and also the Innergie 180G. The difference in performance is consistent, but it’s not significant.

Innergie 180G gaming power adapter

During my test, I was playing Overwatch for hours while plugged into the Innergie 180G and I did not realize any difference in performance.

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Innergie 180G gaming power adapter

As for the charging test, we left both laptops on idle and charge them to 100%. From our data, the time taken to charge the laptop is identical. That means the Innergie 180G is a great alternative to the original stock power supply – and since it is smaller and lighter, it is obviously a great travel companion.

Wrapping up the Innergie 180G review

I think this is a great product especially for those who want a secondary power supply or damaged/lost the original one. Sure, it’s not cheap – but the free changeable tips and the free tip program make it futureproof. If you change to another laptop, then just swap to another tip. If none of the included tips work, then request another free tip.

Innergie 180G gaming power adapter

180W is actually sufficient for most mid-range gaming laptops out there. Combined with the smaller size and lightweight build, the Innergie 180G is an easy recommendation.

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