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Review: Glorious Model D2 Pro 4k/8K Hz edition mouse

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The Glorious Model D2 Pro 4k/8K Hz edition mouse is a thing of beauty! This ergonomic mouse ignores the garish nature of RGB lighting and bizarrely patterned, hardened shells. Instead, it focuses on competitive gaming and responsive cutting-edge inputs. As such, any mere mortal can compete with the leading Esports gamers.

Alongside this, I was blown away by its lightweight nature. At only 62g, this mouse is as light as a feather and quicker than a cheetah. Accordingly, your opponents won’t know what’s hit them as you slice them apart at any competitive gaming event.

What’s in the box of the Glorious Model D2 Pro 4k/8K Hz edition mouse?

  • The compact packaging is alluring and informative. The key selling points and attractive images ensure that you want to open the box immediately.
  • The Glorious Model D2 Pro 4k/8K Hz edition mouse catches your eye. Its streamlined approach is understated but impressive. Moreover, the ergonomic design and textured finish are comfortable.
  • Make the most of the impressive polling speeds with the 4K dongle.
  • Charge your mouse or connect your dongle with the braided cable.
  • Spare stickers are provided to optimise your performance.
  • Learn the fundamentals with the quick start guide.

Technical aspects.

Glorious has long been renowned for its excellent gaming pedigree. Therefore, when they used their groundbreaking Model D mouse as a blueprint, I knew this iteration would be special. However, I was still amazed by the technical aspects!

This cracking peripheral offers up to 8 KHz Polling in compatible titles. On top of this, thanks to the BAMF 2.0 26K Sensor, you are afforded buttery smooth cursor movement and speed. Furthermore, the optical switches deliver 5x faster inputs to give you that competitive edge. Accordingly, this device is superb for FPS, or any title that requires pinpoint precision.

Word of warning, though, if you wish to get the best out of this mouse, you need a system that can keep up. Consequently, to achieve the highest polling speeds, you must have a monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate and an Intel 9th Gen CPU.

The Glorious Model D2 Pro 4k/8K Hz edition mouse is built to last.

Though the ergonomic design is straightforward, I loved the robust nature of this mouse. The wonderful curves sit perfectly in your right hand. Furthermore, the 2 additional side buttons are perfectly placed. Subsequently, when they are mapped, they make this a versatile accessory that changes the way you play.

On top of this, the PTFE mouse skates enable this device to slide over every surface. This compact feature complements the wonderful BAMF sensor. Finally, the DPI rate can be changed at the press of a button. On the underside, you’ll notice an LED that changes colour depending on the option you have chosen. This was a great design choice as you can flit between the preset modes without a care in the world.

Keep on clicking.

I love it when a manufacturer backs their quality with a massive guarantee. Glorious does this with its incredible 100M click guarantee! Thanks to the optical switches, you are assured that this will last the test of time. Moreover, you needn’t worry about faulty mechanical switches or incorrect inputs. As such, it is a reassuring companion for an elite gamer.

This mouse eliminates the concern about poor battery life. If you utilise the 1KHz polling rate, you’ll enjoy a whopping 80 hours of game time. However, this is vastly reduced if you play wirelessly at 4KHz. Yet, those who wish to push the envelope will not worry about battery life, as the 8KHz polling option can only be achieved through a wired connection.

Is the Glorious Model D2 Pro 4k/8K Hz edition mouse worth it?

There are some incredible mice available. Subsequently, it can be tough to pick the right option. However, the Glorious Model D2 Pro 4k/8K Hz edition mouse gives you that match-winning edge that few of its peers offer. What’s more, the textured finish and ergonomic design are comfortable and hard to put down. Moreover, you can map the buttons thanks to the free-to-download Glorious app.

Alongside this, it delivers the fastest and most responsive polling rate and DPI that I’ve ever witnessed. As such, if you enjoy competitive gaming, you cannot afford to ignore this incredible peripheral. Glorious has somehow bettered their much-loved Model D mouse, and I have to recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Glorious can be found here!)

The Glorious Model D Pro 4k/8K Hz edition mouse has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.


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