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The ELEMNT RIVAL is a fancy multi-sports watch that is jam-packed with useful and interesting features. What’s more, this lightweight device is robust and simple to use once you know what you are doing. Furthermore, it can be used alongside the incredible ELEMNT ROAM to keep on top of all your training needs.

This affordable sports watch focuses heavily on cycling, running, and swimming. However, there are many other built-in sports that can be tracked with ease. Accordingly, this is an excellent device if you want to keep on top of your data without breaking the bank. Moreover, its accurate heart rate monitor and calorie counter help to keep on top of your everyday metrics.

What’s in the box of the ELEMNT RIVAL?

  • The compact box is attractive and sturdy. Additionally, the striking colour palette and key selling points deliver a professional edge.
  • The ELEMNT RIVAL is available in 2 colours. As such, I was provided with the black version for this review.
  • Charge your watch with the handy USB docking station.
  • Understand the fundamentals with the handy user guide.

Technical aspects.

The ELEMNT RIVAL attempts to be a bit of a jack of all trades. Now, this normally puts me off. However, Wahoo has delivered a user-friendly accessory that will appease many athletes. Thanks to its get-up-and-go attitude, you don’t need to muck about by stopping and starting your watch. Instead, if you are training for a multi-sport event, this device tracks each activity seamlessly.

On top of this, it can be used in conjunction with your cycle computer. As such, you can focus on your running or your swimming and decide to finish off on your bike. Normally, this would normally lead to messy transitions and lost data. Yet, Wahoo allows you to jump on your bike and the technology will take over. Subsequently, your training session will be nicely broken down into its relevant parts. Alongside this, if you decide to continue your training after you finish your ride, the watch will acknowledge a new activity and the data will continue to be recorded.

Focus on your training.

This excellent approach ensures that you can focus on your training regime without worrying about the tech. What’s more, you are free to customise your data fields to receive the metrics that matter to you. This was great, as no one likes to be bamboozled with unnecessary information.

Talking of training, you can load, adjust, and monitor your workout plans directly from your watch. Select the program you wish to follow in the ELEMNT app and get to work. This user-friendly system makes it much easier to keep on top of your training and I loved the intuitive functionality.

One area that particularly impressed me was the accuracy of the heart rate monitor. Furthermore, the calorie and step counter and the sleep monitoring technology were on par with its market-leading peers. As such, if you want a watch that focuses on everyday health, then you won’t go wrong with this device.


I’ve never been one for notifications on my watch. However, I’m a dying breed and this is a key feature that many people enjoy. Therefore, those users will be happy to know that this syncs with your texts, calls, emails, and many social media apps. Consequently, you can stay connected even when you are pushing yourself to train harder.

Have you ever considered how dangerous your training route could be? Well, if this is a concern, the ELEMNT RIVAL uses the Live Track Portal to deliver your real-time position. As such, this is perfect for anyone who wishes to keep an eye on you when you are out and about.

Build quality.

A sports watch must be prepared to be abused! The amount of tumbles, trips, and falls that occur whilst training is countless. As such, you don’t want your precious device to break at the first hurdle. Thankfully, the ELEMNT RIVAL is built to last. The Gorilla Glass is tough, slim, and wonderfully hard-wearing. Additionally, the ceramic bezel is scratch-resistant and stylish. Subsequently, I bashed this watch multiple times, but it didn’t show.

Alongside this, the silicone strap is comfortable and fits nicely on your wrist. Like its peers, though, there is an issue with sweating and dirt catching on the heart rate sensor. Consequently, you’ll need to keep cleaning the device if you wish to have the most accurate data readings.


Sadly, the ELEMNT RIVAL takes some getting used to. For reasons unknown, the button layout isn’t that well explained. As a result, it takes a little trial and error to get on top of things. However, once you understand the lay of the land, the watch is incredibly intuitive and responsive.

Additionally, it was a cinch to change your activity or undertake multi-sport events. As such, though there is a slight learning curve, I believe that this watch will be perfect for the greatest of technophobes.

Is the ELEMNT RIVAL worth it?

Purchasing the right sports watch isn’t easy. However, if you want a stylish device that has a great battery life and an accurate GPS, you should consider the ELEMNT RIVAL. Furthermore, this excellent device seamlessly tracks your activities and works well during multi-sport events. Moreover, the ability to adjust your data fields and track your everyday statistics was thoroughly impressive. Accordingly, I love this device and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Wahoo can be found here!)


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