Review – Edifier GM2SE: Affordable wired earphone for RM79

We’ve reviewed a lot of audio products, ranging from earphones to headphones to speakers, wired and wireless. Usually, all of them have a 3-digit price, else it would just sound meh. Today’s earphone is special – for the price of RM79, you can buy the Edifier GM2SE.

This is a very simple pair of earphones. Even the packaging is unassumingly simple. Inside the box, we only get the earphones itself alongside the typical eartip sizes. That’s it.

In terms of design, this pair of earphones come in two different colors – pink and this black/red color. Yet the overall size of the Edifier GM2SE is rather tiny too.

Edifier GM2SE

One thing I find interesting is the earphones with its semitransparent plastic housing for the buds. We can see the dual driver design with our own eyes.

Edifier GM2SE

The earbuds themselves are also smaller than its bass-heavier brethren, the GM3SE, as shown here. Because of its smaller size, the Edifier GM2SE is also much lighter and fits on many more people’s ears compared to the GM3SE.

Edifier GM2SE

The design of the Edifier GM2SE is also somewhat weird. For some reason, it has an in-line button and microphone – like many wired earphones out there – but the volume control is a slider.

Edifier GM2SE

Paying for RM79 means you can’t expect the best of the best quality. The overall sound quality is somewhat alright for its price. There is a heavy emphasis on bass while the treble is muffled. Similar to the GM3SE, by the way.

However, the GM2SE that we have here sounds like a part of the frequency spectrum is missing. That doesn’t happen on the GM3SE, though.

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Edifier GM2SE
I do like the right-angled jack though.

Overall, for the price of RM79, the Edifier GM2SE is a very versatile pair of wired earphones for many different use cases. Consoles and smartphones, even laptops. Maybe not for a desktop, since we’ll need to get a splitter to get both audio and microphone working.

Edifier GM2SE
Works great with the Nintendo Switch!

It’s definitely worth the price of RM79 – but then again, be sure to know what you’re getting into. Just don’t expect top-notch quality for this price.

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