Researchers in South Korea develop new Artificial Intelligence algorithm for diagnosing skin conditions

Artificial Intelligence has made lives easier. AI-based robots are deployed by police in many countries and the new technology has proved to be a boon in research. Now, a new learning-based AI algorithm for diagnosing skin conditions is creating a buzz in the medical field.

 Researchers in South Korea develop new Artificial Intelligence algorithm for diagnosing skin conditions

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The algorithm, developed by researchers in South Korea, has the ability to accurately classify cutaneous skin disorders, suggest primary treatment options and predict malignancy, reported Health Europa.

The health portal’s report on the new technology is based on a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. The study shows that with the advent of the new AI algorithm, the diagnostic accuracy of dermatologists as well as the general public has improved.

AI has shown results comparable to those of dermatologists for specific problems such as distinguishing between melanoma and nevi, said Dr Jung-Im Na, the lead investigator of the study. Na, however, added that the technology should be tested in an environment similar to real practice, instead of just in lab conditions.

The new system is required to classify malignant against benign lesions and distinguish skin cancer from numerous other skin disorders to show that it can live up to expectations. The researchers deployed a convolutional neural network, a specialised AI algorithm, to develop the system capable of diagnosing skin disorders effectively.

Dr Na said the new system can bring about a change by empowering medical professionals in diagnostic dermatology. She said that she expects AI to support humans rather than replacing them. “We anticipate that the use of our algorithm with a smartphone could encourage the public to visit specialists for cancerous lesions such as melanoma that might have been neglected otherwise,” Na added.

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Updated Date: Apr 01, 2020 14:17:29 IST

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