Report: iPhone 12 lineup selling better than 11 series in the US

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released on Monday its latest iPhone 12 series sales report. The data shows the four new models combined for 76% of all US iPhone sales in the October-November period. Last year’s iPhone 11 series accounted for 69% of all iPhone sales for the same period. The survey was based on 243 US Apple customers who purchased an iPhone right after the launch of the 12 series.

iPhone sales by launch months (source: CIRP)

US iPhone sales (source: CIRP)

As expected the iPhone 12 was the best seller out of the bunch, commanding 27% of all iPhone sales for the period. This is still notably behind last year’s iPhone 11 which single-handedly accounted for 39% of all iPhone sales for the same period.

Report: iPhone 12 models selling better than 11 series in the US

iPhone 12 mini underperformed compared to the other three members in the iPhone 12 lineup as it only managed 6% of sales. CIRP suggests that the now discounted iPhone 11 and XR models coupled with the affordable and compact iPhone SE 2020 were the key factors in the 12 mini’s limited consumer interest.

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