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Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale review

30-second review

Anyone looking for a quick and easy way to monitor their weight will love the Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale. Not only does it make something of a style statement, this tempered glass and plastic smart scale is wonderfully accurate, allowing precise calibration in a couple of seconds and providing very accurate weight readings from there on. You’ll get pinpoint readings in increments of 0.2lb/0.05kg right up to a total 396lbs/180kg maximum weight capacity.

Renpho matches the precision of its digital scales with its app, which (once paired with the hardware via Bluetooth) can provide owners with up to 13 different measures.

Renpho has also designed everything so you can use it in tandem with the likes of Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit and Fitbit too. It’s therefore a great option if you’re serious about monitoring your weight and everything that goes with it.

Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale display

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

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