Religious groups celebrate Easter, Passover through live

Religious groups celebrate Easter, Passover through a stream of services

Exhibit-19 regarding the spread has led to the removal of large and small gatherings across Canada, and religious ceremonies are no exception.

This means for families celebrating Easter and Passover, this year’s celebration will look no different. With the closure of places of worship like synagogues and churches, many will spend their holidays at home.

But despite not being able to engage in self-belief, many are given the option to do so.

This is thanks to many organizations around the world that are hosting their celebrations. Christians can celebrate Easter through virtual services, and members of the Jewish community can celebrate Passover by visiting seders online. Members of the different teams can mark the holidays while at home and manage the distance.

One organization that has gone digital is Toronto’s Beth Torah Church. Rabbi Yossi Sapirman has expanded his morning services to the current week. For the continuation of the coronavirus outbreak, he decided to publish his seder online as well. He held a pulpit in his home on Wednesday as part of his Passover celebration.

The teacher told over the phone on Wednesday “I wouldn’t normally invite home cameras to my own seder, but it should be done,”. “Putting myself out means thousands of people are going to be comforted, and there’s no way to celebrate.”

The government and public health authorities are proud to eliminate all cultural practices ahead of Passover and Easter, saying that every holiday should be at home.

“This year, the celebrations will be different as we all seek to meet with our family and friends rather than in person, but it is more important that we follow suit. so these laws protect our family, our friends, our neighbors and our country, ”Chief Minister Chrystia Freeland said on Tuesday.

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But beyond the need to stay home, this year’s Passover is different, says Sapirman. The holiday is a celebration of the story of the Exodus and the message of Israel from slavery to freedom. But because of the ongoing influenza epidemic, it has become a popular time for people to travel during this difficult time.

“We celebrate our independence,” he said. “We are not celebrating tomorrow, we are not celebrating today – we celebrate that it will improve.

“That’s why I tell people that this is the most important Passover.”

While the world is united by the fact that everyone has experienced this problem together, many are still living with their homes in order to prevent the disease from spreading further. This is exactly why it is so important to connect with others, in terms of evidence. One of the best ways to do this is through technology.

“These are areas unknown to all of us because there is no need for social interaction and consultation.” “Technology has saved us now, it has saved our partnership.”

It is for this reason that Sapirman and many others have migrated to a streaming platform such as YouTube to connect with members of their party. YouTube is the most popular web site in the world, and one of the most popular websites for life. A few weeks ago, the company said it had seen hundreds of rituals created by various places of worship in an effort to connect with others.

The Vatican, for example, will live treaming all its Holy Week services at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City through the site. This comes after his office announced Easter services would be withheld for the first time to the public.

“People come to YouTube for a number of different reasons,” Andrew Peterson, YouTube Canada’s director of content partnerships, told on Thursday by phone. “It’s not surprising to see that religion and worship are just some of the many people who come in at times like this.”

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The site features many functions to help These religious organizations submit their services online betterThe. These tools include a digital playbook containing tips on how to create a YouTube channel, as well as how to optimize and set it up for streaming. The YouTube Video Developer Guide also contains a wealth of tips, tricks and solutions.

Peterson says, “We have developed these capabilities to help people overcome the challenges of hosting an event offline, online,” “As a platform, we just want to make sure that participants cultural values ​​and values ​​in Canada can continue to provide great support and support for their partners in this difficult time. “

For Peterson, the best part of watching religious organizations stay with their programs is to see that they continue to change the way they engage members in their churches. He points to a vlog-video posted by St. Mary Church in Brampton, Ont. as an example.

Peterson says, “I’m inspired by the new way that people are finding out to make that connection,” “I think the developments we’ve seen make sense. of the merger is good. “

Sapirman also made his service even more interesting by asking the audience to send in pictures of themselves. For his Saturday coverage, or Shabbat, he put these pictures in the stands. But during his virtual seder on Wednesday, he used the footage to create that slide to play while on the tream.

“People have found themselves involved,” he said. “It’s creating a warmth and connection that living services can’t.”

He explained the seder was much older than the previous services he had taken, whether in person or in good condition. Taking place in his home, he interacted with other family members and commented on various songs and videos.

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“We have done a full-scale YouTube-based collaboration,” he said. “It’s not all driven by a front-line teacher.”

According to Sapirman, the motion of its treams may, for the most part, be good. Despite this, he also acknowledges that not everyone he has come across is a welcome addition to this technology. For example, his parents rarely watched him on Saturdays because they obeyed Jewish law.

While everyone has the right to make their own decisions, Sapirman encourages others to at least try technology.

The teacher said, “I’ve had a lot of people say, ‘I’m amazed at the warmth that comes from technology.” “It may surprise you.”

In addition to the warmth, he said, many people point to ways of increasing comfort when going home. Members of his congregation have said that it is safer to participate in these programs because of poor judgment or physical problems. For this reason, and given the fact that the transmission is still ongoing, Sapirman believes it is as if telecommunications technology will play an important role in shaping religious practices in the future. next.

“We need to be prepared for the potential of YouTube and a platform like that … can be really cool,” “We’re not trying to tell people this is the way, wherever we are. try saying this is another way, and especially at this time, it would be the best way. “

List of livestreams taken on YouTube from sites around the world in the coming days:






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