Regina tech startup Vivvo acquired by Quebec conglomerate

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However, Cain said being a part of Converge will bring a number of benefits when it comes to operating in the market Vivvo navigates, which has seen major changes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vivvo specializes in the verifiable credential space, and helps governments move client-facing services online. Cain called it the digital equivalent of a driver’s license, which is used to verify one’s identity when accessing services — such as having to provide ID at a cannabis store.

These digital credentials could enable residents to prove they have a health card, own a business, or if they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. Vivvo refers to this as its “trust platform.”

According to a press release from Converge, Vivvo will soon be leveraging its platform to develop a solution that could be used to validate proof of COVID-19 vaccination, and will be submitting proposals to all levels of governments in Canada.

Vivvo currently works with three provinces and territories, as well as a city in Ontario. It has also done work for the Saskatchewan and federal governments.

Vivvo is a small company, employing approximately 20 people. When the pandemic hit, the market began accelerating due to the rush to get services online. Vivvo’s leaders realized they didn’t want to miss out.

“Converge really represented an opportunity to take some risk off the table for us, but also to really pursue a quickly expanding market with a much larger entity with several compatible operational lines of business that we can tap into. So it just made a lot of sense the more we looked at it,” said Cain.

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