Reddit Adds New Post Sharing Options, Including Instagram Stories Integration

Reddit’s looking to better facilitate the off-platform distribution of subreddit content, with some updated post sharing processes that will enable users to share Reddit links without the link display showing their Reddit username, better-protecting user privacy.

First off, Reddit’s added a new option to share Reddit posts to Instagram Stories in a new sticker format, which will save you from screenshotting the post or sharing the URL instead.

Reddit post sharing options

As you can see, the new post sharing process provides a link to the Reddit post in a native sticker format, which will also display images attached to that link.

Reddit’s also updated its link sharing process for messaging apps, which will now see Reddit links automatically revert to a visual preview format, similar to the IG Stories sticker.

Reddit post sharing options

Reddit’s post sharing options will now also default to your most-used sharing channels, making it easier to send content to friends in other apps, while it’s also added a new one-tap screenshot-sharing process, which will prompt you to share the full post instead of the image, providing more direct linkage back to the app.

Reddit post sharing options

Reddit’s also added a new embedding tool for publishers, which provides a simplified process for displaying Reddit content on external sites.

Reddit post sharing options

Enter the URL of any Reddit post and the tool will generate an embed code, with correct formatting for post display. Which has always been a headache with Reddit posts and facilitating embedding – but now, you’ll have a streamlined way to not only share posts that link back to the app, but also to set your own parameters around the size of the post display, whether comments are also shown or not, dark mode, language settings, etc.

(You can read the full Reddit post embed documentation here).

These are some handy updates, which will help to broaden exposure for Reddit and Redditors, with direct connection back to the content itself. Which could also get more people to the app, and help Reddit build on the 57 million daily actives it currently sees.

You can read more about Reddit’s new post sharing options here.


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