‘Raven’ Tesla Model S Performance crushes muscle cars in multiple drag races

Even before it received Tesla’s “‘Raven” updates, the Model S P100D is already a monster on the drag strip. Equipped with two electric motors and a hefty 100 kWh battery pack, the pre-Raven Tesla Model S P100D broke electric car stereotypes when it regularly outran supercars, thanks in no small part to its instant torque that allowed a ludicrous 0-60 mph time of 2.28 seconds. 

The Raven updates to the Model S brought even more range and efficiency to an already impressive vehicle. Thanks to an updated drive unit and other optimizations, the Model S’s range was raised to an industry-leading 370 miles per charge on the non-performance long-range variant. The range of the Model S Performance, formerly the P100D, has also been raised to 345 miles per charge. Coupled with other updates such as Fully Adaptive Suspension, the Raven Model S was improved with even more torque and power. 

These improvements were notably evident in a recent video posted by the Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube, which involved a stock Raven Tesla Model S Performance racing against a lineup of opponents including Ford Mustangs, a Corvette, a Chevy Camaro, and a heavily-tuned Honda Civic. The results, to say the least, were quite cruel, at least for the Model S’ opponents. 

The Tesla Racing Channel team is known for going head-to-head against some of the most aggressive vehicles on the drag strip and beyond. The team’s experience certainly played a factor in the Raven Model S Performance’s race results, as the vehicle was able to make quick work of each opponent, leaving them off the starting line and pulling until the end of the race. 

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During a bout against a notably loud Ford Mustang, the Model S Performance was even able to reset the stock Tesla record by running the quarter-mile in 10.546 seconds at 126.08 mph. Overall, only the Chevy Camaro showed some fight against the all-electric premium sedan, crossing the quarter-mile mark at 133.80 mph, which is about 8.4 mph more than the Model S’ trap speed of 125.39 mph. 

What is particularly remarkable is that the Raven Model S was able to accomplish its dominating feat while being fully stock. With an upgraded set of wheels and brakes, and perhaps a stripped interior (the Tesla Racing Channel team has done this in the past, to impressive results), Tesla’s fastest sedan would likely prove even faster. 

Watch the Raven Tesla Model S Performance duel several muscle cars and a tuned Japanese classic in the video below. 



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