Qualpay Enables Google Pay on its Payments Platform

Global e-commerce is projected to total more than $3.9 trillion in 2020 – a 16.5% year over year increase from 2019 despite downward revisions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic[1]. Mobile payment platforms like Google Pay are rapidly becoming the primary payments option for consumers around the world, making it a priority for Qualpay as a payments platform provider.

In addition to supporting Google Pay as a payments option, Qualpay’s fully integrated payments platform combines a traditional Payment Gateway, Merchant Account and Processor into one. Allowing businesses to effectively manage payments in one place for business, corporate or purchasing cards including card type detection, as well as level II and III interchange optimization. Businesses can process payments with Qualpay’s suite of products from their website, invoicing, recurring, or virtual terminal using a single, easy-to-use interface.

All Qualpay products may be used as standalone or paired together to support market needs. For more information on the Qualpay platform, please visit:

About Qualpay

Qualpay is a fully-integrated payments platform that utilizes the most up to date technology to reduce costs and streamline back-office operations. Its comprehensive system addresses and resolves the payment challenges businesses face, ensuring a stronger, more robust infrastructure that allows companies to focus on growing their business. Qualpay’s reporting intelligence and data analytics allow customers to quickly and efficiently manage their payment finances, saving them both time and money. Simply put, Qualpay provides a better way to manage payments. For more information, please visit

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