QSC honours winners of robot wrestling contest for students

QSC honours winners of robot wrestling contest for students

 03 Jan 2021 – 8:25

QSC honours winners of robot wrestling contest for students

One of the winning teams at the awards ceremony for the robot wrestling competition organised by the Qatar Scientific Club.

Doha: Qatar Scientific Club (QSC) has honoured winners of a robot wrestling competition. 

The event was organised by QSC in partnership with Ministry of Education and Higher Education with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, as part of the scientific activities of the spring camp.

The competition was included in the camp’s activities for the first time, which helped school students to participate during the holiday period.

The competition involved male and female students in the age group of 12 to 16.

The teams used remote-controlled robots.

The Qatar Scientific Club provided the Qatari Committee and the Organising Committee for Robot Competitions all the necessary support and assistance for each team, with the provision of a table for the initial experiments.

The competition had two levels, beginner and advanced. In the first week of the competition, 25 teams participated, of which 15 teams qualified for the second phase, which began on December 29, 2020. 

There was a jury specialised in the competition and applied the criteria for the compatibility of the participating robots in terms of dimensions and weight.  There were prizes for the first three teams in the advanced category competition and two entry level awards in addition to three prizes for each category for the best programming design. Multiple teams from the schools participated in the competition.  

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The first place, in advanced level, was secured by Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib School team. Omar bin Al Khattab Preparatory School team came second. The third place went to the Qatar School of Science and Technology team.

In the beginner category, the first place was secured by Omar bin Al Khattab Preparatory School Team 1, while second place went to Omar bin Al Khattab Preparatory Team 2. Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib Preparatory School for Boys won the third position.

In the Advanced Design Competition, Qatar Technical School Team 2 secured the first place. Qatar School of Science and Technology Team 2 won the design competition in the beginner category. 

For the programming competition beginner level, the ranking was as follows: Qatar Science and Technology Team 1 and Qatar Science and Technology Team 2. As for advanced programming, the first place went to Qatar Technical School Team 1 while the second place went to Qatar School of Science and Technology.

At the end of the competition, Qatar Scientific Club honoured the judges and the participants in the competition. 

Maryam Al Awadhi, Chairman of the Organising Committee for National Robot Competitions and in charge of the Robot Competitions at the Qatar Scientific Club, met with the competition committee, jury and contestants to provide recommendations and directions before the start of the competition. 

Sheikh Ali bin Salman Al Thani, Head of the Scientific Activities and Events Department at Qatar Scientific Club, said that the competition is a qualitative leap in the course of seasonal activities camps such as the spring camp and the summer camp, especially in light of the current conditions related to the exceptional measures regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

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