Pubs, hairdressers and crèches: how comfortable are customers?

More than one in five people say they feel very uncomfortable about the prospect of going to a pub, even with two metre social distancing in place. And that rises to 40 per cent where social distance is reduced to one metre.

The figures come from a survey by the Central Statistics Office on the social impact of Covid-19 and have been published as bars serving food prepare to re-open on Monday.

The survey examines how comfortable people feel about certain activities as Covid-19 restrictions are eased across the State.

Opinion is evenly split about the imminent opening of hairdressers and barbers, with 41 per cent comfortable getting their hair done and a similar number wary of doing so to a greater or lesser degree.

Considerably more people – 82 per cent – say they would be uncomfortable or very uncomfortable attending a large outdoor event with no social distancing while almost half felt the same about a religious service with social distancing.

And as the Government looks to open up childcare in an effort to help parents get back to work, almost three in five respondents are not comfortable with the prospect of sending their child to childcare or a crèche.



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