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Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Specs Review: 3 Things That Could Dismay Users

The Proscenic M7 Pro, a robotic vacuum released by Proscenic that claims to create “a real-time map of your house and then plan the best cleaning path” using a cutting edge IPNAS 3.0 technology. The robotic vacuum device seems to be the state-of-the-art of home-cleaning with its ability to “handle the complex environment without effort.”

Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Specs, Review, and More

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It isn’t the first brand to launch a robotic vacuum home-cleaning device, but its innovative promising feature begs to take a closer look at this equipment. Here, we look at what the Proscenic M7 Pro claims to provide, then we conduct a quick view of users like PcMag and AppleInsider who gave us a review of its actual performance. Below, we’ve collected the good and the bad from both reviewers. 

The robotic vacuum device is covered with 24 sensors, where it can help you navigate the best places to clean in your house. Its IPNAS 3.0 system allows you to locate the best routes via an app. The scanning system is anti-collision, anti-falling, and LDS 360 Degrees-guided. It allows you to scan all corners of your house to provide optimal cleaning. With this feature, it seems like you can vacuum the whole house with ease-even with eyes closed.

The device specs include a 2700PA suction, a 600 ML Dust Container Capacity, a 110ML water tank capacity, and a 100-150 minute run time. It is also powered by App Control via your smart device, an Alexa Voice Control, and an LDS Laser Navigation. It retails for $459 dollars on the Proscenic website and on Amazon. 


Design-wise, there’s nothing really special about the M7 Pro robotic vacuum. It has a standard design with other robotic vacuums. It looks innovative and classic, with its laser sensors, and circular design. The design looks seamless and the structure of the device looks sturdy. The two brush arms that help clean the dust and kick it towards the bar located unde the device looks like it could do its job pretty well. Its HEPA filter is a great feature, which prevents dust to escape back into the room, preventing allergies. The design makes it easy to empty the robot and wash the filter. It is advised to clean the filter once a week.

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The App

The ProsenicHome app is very decent and easy to navigate. Its features are sufficient for you to understand how it’s supposed to work, and how you’re supposed to use it. It has two uses. The first is to setup your device, and the second is to keep track of your vacuum. The app is helpful as it alerts you when there’s blockages, suspended wheels, or any other blunders that may hinder the performance of your device.


The sweeping feature of the M7 Pro is undeniably impressive. With its auto detect carpet feature, it can easily detect a carpet, which then consequently increases its suction power, and decreases it as it hovers through tile, harwood, and laminate flooring. It effortlessly sweeps dirt, food crumbs, and dust from any surface. Its 5200mAh battery is especially important, as it allows you to clean the whole house for about two hours before the device needs to recharge again. Its 2,600PA suction power is one of the most competitive ones in the market, which makes it a great machine for general cleaning. However, if you have kids who often leave things on the floor, this device can be quick to pick up anything other than dirt too.

Setting up the Device

For those who aren’t tech savvy, this may be an issue. Connecting the M7 Pro to the app can be difficult. You need to be able to navigate it well and figure things out. Many settings are also only available when you connect the device to the app. You can still opt to use the M7 Pro on its own, using remote control and buttons from the device. However, you will lack access to features that can only be used using the app.

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The Noise

Becasue of its ability to produce hardcore suction power and long battery life, it comes at the expense of noise. It produces a louder sound compared to other robotic vacuum devices in the market. Even when used in quiet mode, it’s loud enough to disturb a Zoom call.


The mopping was average, but not impressive. What is especially disappointing is the size of the water reservoir. Its tiny size prohibits it from dispensing enough water into the cleaning cloth to support the whole mopping cycle. As a result, its mopping feature is ideal for already clean, slightly dirty floors. Another word of caution is when using the carpet auto detect mode, as it doesn’t work for the mopping feature. With that, you need to use the app to navigate it well.

Pc Mag gave a 4/5 review of the device while Apple Insider gave it a 3.5, mainly because of the noisy feature and the small water dispenser.  The Proscenic M7 Pro is decent and works well on its performance, especially for sweeping and suction. It is durable and has a long battery life. If you’re not distrubed by the loud sound that it gives as a tradeoff for its impressive performance, then this can be a great choice for you.

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