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Last week my daughter, a high school senior, got a check in the mail. It was her paycheck from a part-time job. What was odd is that her employer hadn’t mailed it, but had actually given it to her in person. Handwritten on the envelope was a note, the gist of which was, “I found this at 7th and Broadway. It looked important, so I put a stamp on it and put it in the mail.” No name, just the explanation. Apparently my daughter had unknowingly dropped it when she was getting out of her car, probably a day or two before. She didn’t know it was gone, really, until it showed up in the mail.

So, to whoever found it and sent it on its way, thank you, especially for putting a stamp on it, which surely hastened its return, and saved my daughter and her employer the hassle of cancelling and re-issuing a check. That was extra. Simply putting it in a mailbox and letting someone else take care of the postage would have been plenty. Bombarded as we sometimes are with “news” of people we don’t know doing questionable things for questionable reasons, and “opinions” that often amount to people shouting that other people are wrong, it’s nice to be reminded that there are those who will do others a favor just because.

Thanks again.

— Geoff Hill, Chico



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