‘Probably not time Uswitch': ads sway consumers from using service in energy crisis

Energy price comparison site Uswitch has launched a campaign urging customers not to use its service during the national energy crisis.

Over the past few weeks, more than 30 energy suppliers have gone bust, forcing 1.7 million Brits to move to new suppliers selected by Ofgem, as a global energy shortage caused prices to soar.

This month, a national energy cap on suppliers’ default tariffs increased by 12% and is expected to rise again next April, with annual energy bills predicted to increase by about £400.

Uswitch, which helps consumers find the cheapest energy deals, has advised that staying locked in to current energy deals is, in most cases, the best option. Its latest campaign tells consumers “U stay put” and “It’s probably not time Uswitch”.

The work has run in the press and social media with ads created by Joint London and media buying handled by Zenith, which won the Uswitch media account last year.

Zenith chief strategy officer Rich Kirk said the campaign will be expanded to other channels shortly but initially focused on press ads in newspapers, because “that’s where people’s fears are being stoked”.

“This is a completely unprecedented situation for Uswitch but brilliant brands turn tough moments into opportunities,’’ he said. 

“By being present in the environments where customers are having their fears raised, we hope we can reassure people that they don’t need to switch right now, and direct them to more advice. It’s a bold move that demonstrates Uswitch is the leader in the switching category.”


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