Prince Harry Wants ‘Fortnite’ and Other Addictive Games Banned

BBC Radio 4 “Today” show guest editor Prince Harry (via BBC)

As a stupid American most of my time spent thinking about modern day Britain is just constant failed attempts to understand Brexit. And when I do think about the royal family it’s either something like “Why is this still a thing?” or “When is The Crown coming back to Netflix?” But Prince Harry, who went from dressing up like a Nazi to marrying Meghan Markle, can’t help but leave an impression.

And maybe the reason I’m so ignorant of current United Kingdom affairs is because I spend too much bloody time playing video games. Fortunately, now Prince Harry himself wants to put a stop to that. While speaking to mental health experts at a West London YMCA, the Duke of Sussex called for addictive games, particularly smash hit Fortnite, to be banned.

“It’s so irresponsible,” the Prince said according to The Daily Express. He called Fortnite “An addiction to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible.” He urged parents to protect their children from getting their minds altered from a threat worse than drugs and alcohol. Ultimately, real human connection is what Harry wants us to return to. “The only place you might go is online and you will probably end up getting bullied.”

While the idea of banning Fortnite or any “addictive” video game is totally ridiculous we see where the prince is coming from somewhat. Kids shouldn’t spend all their time on the internet. Fortnite gets much of its fortunes from psychologically and financially exploitative free-to-play tactics governments should really regulate. And after the recent Fyre Fest-esque disaster of a recent Fortnite party in Norwich, we get why someone English would have a particular grudge against Fortnite.

But man is it funny watching an actual prince in the year 2019 try to look hip and with it by commenting on what kids these days are into. I wonder what Prince Harry thinks about flossing? Meghan could probably teach him. For more on Fortnite check out the new account merging features and watch us get coached by a Fortnite professional.

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