Portrayal of Kashmir in new Superman video met with backlash in India

Indians fans of DC Comics are criticising the comic book publisher for portraying Kashmir as a disputed territory in its latest animated film Injustice.

In a clip circulating on the internet, Superman and Wonder Woman are seen destroying Indian military infrastructure.

Towards the end, Superman declares the federal union territory an arms-free zone.

Both India and Pakistan claim the ethnically diverse Himalayan region in full but control only parts of it. India historically maintains that the federal territory of Jammu and Kashmir is integral to its unity.

“DC fans in India, show some patriotism and cancel [Injustice]. This is hideous. Propaganda anti-India narratives should be busted,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another added: “DC Comics, this is outrageous, Kashmir is [an] integral part of India, [so] stay out of it or get your market destroyed in India.”

Another person wrote that “it’s time to ban DC films in India.”

One user, however, claimed that such scenes always existed in the DC Universe “way before ‘Wokism’ became a thing”.

“Oh for f**** sake. At least read up on the Injustice storyline and the comics that came out way before ‘Wokism’ became a thing,” the user wrote.

They added: “This was always there and not just Kashmir, Superman f***** up every other military conflict on the planet.”

The Independent has contacted DC for comment.

Injustice was released on Tuesday 19 October.


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