Porsche is adding Google to its cars as VW’s software problems worsen

Porsche said today that future models would include native versions of popular Google apps, like Maps and Assistant. The German automaker is the latest to support Google built-in, enabling native Android apps with over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

It was just a few months ago that VW rolled out an entirely new app store designed to serve its wide portfolio of car brands. The plan was to let drivers find familiar third-party apps optimized for car-friendly usage, including big names like TikTok, Spotify, and Yelp.

“It’s a new level of digital experiences we want to show,” Cariad CEO Dirk Hilgenberg said at the time, while also allowing for native Google software apps as well.

Apps formatted specifically for automotive use have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more drivers (and passengers) expect a level of functionality and features on par with their smartphones. Similarly, setups like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto largely bypass the native car tech experience, much to the chagrin of automakers who don’t want to cede all of that to tech companies.

Apps formatted specifically for automotive use have become increasingly popular in recent years

Porsche, meanwhile, has a new supplier in sight: Google. By integrating the apps available through the company’s Play store, Porsche is joining a number of automakers that have also adopted Google built-in or Android Automotive for their vehicles, including Honda, GM, Polestar, Volvo, and Ford.

Porsche plans to roll out the first vehicles with Google built-in by mid-decade, though the company wouldn’t say which models would be getting it first.

Porsche is still likely to let its customers mirror their phone screen on their vehicle’s screen, whether that means Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. So far, only GM has said it would disable phone mirroring, which is extremely popular with consumers.


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