Polina Nioly’s Guide to Multi-Business Success and Influential Blogging

How to Successfully Develop Your Blog and Start Multiple Businesses: Polina Nioly on Blogging and Entrepreneurship

Polina Nioly, an influencer, recently surpassed the milestone of 1.5 million followers on her Instagram blog. In addition to her blogging endeavors, she manages two other businesses: an agency and a lingerie brand. We asked Polina to share insights on successfully growing a blog and simultaneously launching multiple projects.

Polina, how did you decide to start not just one, but several businesses—an agency and a women’s lingerie brand? We know that the presentation of Nioly Underwear is scheduled for Milan Fashion Week in February 2024.

Yes, that’s correct. I believe that the best business is one you create to solve a problem that personally affects you. I initiate all my projects because I see the pain points people experience, and I want to make their lives easier. For instance, the idea for Nioly Underwear came to me when I was buying lingerie and getting disappointed with the quality. Unfortunately, many brands produce uncomfortable, unattractive, or overly sexualized lingerie. Additionally, manufacturers often use inappropriate materials for women’s underwear. I want it to be not only beautiful but also comfortable, and that’s what I’m working on right now.

Following the same principle, I established Nioly Media Group. I observed that social media is essential for everyone: for businesses, it’s the only way to survive in the market today, and for public figures, it’s the only option to stay in the spotlight and increase popularity. This led me to create an agency for the promotion and monetization of social media, helping people build their online and offline presence, launch new businesses, and earn income. Our main feature is the successful combination of marketing tools and PR that provide rapid and guaranteed organic growth.

My approach is simple: identify a problem and find a solution. This is what truly brings results.

Did your blog help you in the development of your businesses?

“Undoubtedly. I perceive my blog as a business project where I understand my audience, create valuable content, and showcase my life and values. I gather like-minded individuals who aspire to achieve similar results through my projects. The blog affords me a freedom that many business owners lack—the ability to shape a business the way I want, without concerns about marketing budgets, finding clients, or entering the market.

Moreover, social media platforms not only help me generate income but also enable me to reinvest it and launch more offline businesses, creating additional revenue streams. When millions of people worldwide know your name, launching any project becomes considerably easier.

Social media is founded on an audience interested in you. It effortlessly becomes the most valuable asset, generating income based on your uniqueness as an individual.”These adjustments aim to enhance the flow and coherence of the text while maintaining the original meaning.

Polina, how do you juggle being a blogger and overseeing multiple businesses? Share your secret with our readers.

The key to managing everything is delegation. Building a large-scale business while handling every process independently is impractical. Hence, I delegate as much as possible to professionals—both for household duties and work tasks.

This approach instills confidence that all business processes are automated and operate smoothly without my direct involvement. Consequently, I can devote more time to personal interactions with clients and the development of strategic ideas for company growth.

These adjustments aim to enhance the overall flow and readability of the text while maintaining the original meaning.

What are your plans for the future? Do you intend to scale and expand?

In the future, I aspire to become the female counterpart of Richard Branson, envisioning the ubiquitous Nioly brand. I aim to establish a multitude of businesses centered around social media. I reinvest income from the blog into the business, enabling the launch of exciting new projects every month.

For example, in November, we introduced the Nioly Talent Agency. This agency promotes talented musicians, influencers, actors, and athletes while shouldering the responsibility for their income. More significantly, we simultaneously enhance their social media presence, manage PR, and even aid in promoting or establishing businesses from scratch, assisting them in realizing their dreams.

Hence, I am unequivocally committed to scaling, growing, and creating my own ecosystem. Thanks to social media, I possess all the resources necessary for this endeavor.

Thank you Polina Nioly for the Interview

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