Police Blotter: Familiar Story – Car Disappears After Being Left Running And Unlocked; 4 Suspected In Store Thefts

At the Dollar General on Highway 58, the manager said an unknown White male came into the store and stole about $50 worth of merchandise. The items included a pleated shirt, a hat, and laundry detergent.

* * *

An employee of Storm Car Wash on Mackey Avenue said his cellphone was stolen. He said he dropped his phone in the parking lot by the vacuum cleaners. An unknown Black male can be seen in video surveillance footage picking the phone up and putting it in his pocket. The suspect was a customer and passenger in a white sedan with a Texas tag. 

* * *

A N. Chamberlain Avenue man said his vehicle was stolen. He left it unlocked and running to allow it to warm up. The man said he went back inside for just a moment and, when he returned, his vehicle was gone. The missing vehicle was a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer with a Tennessee handicap tag. Police checked the area, but were unable to locate the stolen vehicle. 

* * *

An official of Vector Printing said a trailer with $12,000 worth of robotics equipment still in boxes was stolen. The trailer was on a lot behind a fence, but is not known exactly how the unknown thieves got inside the fence. The trailer was all white with black writing (Haulmark). It was not used for profit purpose and did not have a tag.

* * *

An officer while patrolling at 820 Broad St. observed a broken window at the Morgan Stanley business. The damage was consistent with other damage done to other business in the area as well as vehicle damage done earlier in the night at 507 Market. Police also observed a broken window at 100 Tremont St. as well as one at 103 Frazier Ave. and at 20 Cherokee St. Police said, “This damage is consistent with damage done various business in the downtown area.” At 100

Tremont, the window had a hole through it that was approximately 1/2 inch in diameter and the glass was shattered. The manager said that the window would cost approximately $2,000 to fix. 

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* * *

A man reported that his vehicle was parked unlocked by valet with the Read House. He listed a number of items that had been stolen from the vehicle.

* * *

Officers responded to  503 Northgate Mall Dr. A Loss Prevention officer said around 3:45 p.m., a tall black male and three black females came into the store. The four concealed numerous items and passed all points of sale without paying, it was stated. Police said the male in the video was middle-aged with a long tan jacket, which matches the description of the same suspect from earlier in the day that hit Walgreens at 110 N. Market St.


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