‘Pokemon Go’ AR Photo Mode Is Almost ‘Pokemon Snap’

It’s kind of cool that Pokemon Go has developed a sort of symbiotic relationship with fellow Pokemon games. You would think that this mobile spin-off’s massive success would just lead to other Pokemon games trying to copy it. And it’s true that last year’s Pokemon Let’s Go did add some Go-like mechanics (motion control throwing, mobile connectivity) to a traditional Pokemon game. But Niantic isn’t so arrogant to think Pokemon Go has nothing to learn from the games that came before. They just added actual trainer battles.

And now Pokemon Go is taking a cue from a Pokemon game that, while not a core RPG, is still one of the most beloved titles in the franchise. Pokemon Go’s upcoming AR photo mode basically turns the game into Pokemon Snap.

The pieces were already perfectly in place. Pokemon Go’s whole hook is using your phone’s camera and augmented reality functionality to place Pokemon in the real world. So instead of capturing their bodies, why not just capture their photos? Go Snapshot lets you do just that, taking pictures of Pokemon you find in the world or Pokemon you’ve already caught in your bag. You can even pose Pokemon, throwing their Poke Ball to the right spot and getting their attention for the right cute expression.

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And this is so Pokemon Snap! Granted, back then you had to print pictures at Blockbuster instead of posting on Twitter, but the core appeal is the same. Pokemon Go on N64 was such a brilliant nonviolent approach to the Pokemon catching formula and it’s criminal there was never a sequel. If Go Snapshot even got some light gameplay elements, like unique missions to complete, it would be that sequel. Exploring the entire real world to find Pokemon is a big step up from riding on rails.

Go Snapshot comes to Pokemon Go soon. For more on Pokemon read our review of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee and watch us talk about why the original Pokemon Red and Blue are games to play before you die.



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