Plug In Your Electric Vehicle in Downtown Essex

ESSEX, CT — You might run into George Jetson driving his electric car around downtown Essex, now that there is an electric vehicle (EV) charging station located at 12 Main Street.

Serving as an environmentally conscious device, as well as, a way to attract even more visitors to the historic town, the EV charging station is centrally located, at the public parking lot behind the Post Office.

The brainchild of the Sustainable Essex Committee, the EV charging station project cost $14,084, half of which was raised by Sustainable Essex who had a goal of raising $7,042 but ended up raising $7,717. The additional funds came from Sustainable Connecticut’s Community Match Fund program.

According to a fundraising page supported by Sustainable Connecticut, “…the largest source of climate pollution in the United States comes from our transportation system. The emissions from cars and trucks are not only harmful to the planet, but they impact our health as well. The air pollutants from gas- and diesel-powered vehicles have been shown to cause bronchitis, asthma, and some forms of cancer.”

The fundraising page goes on to say, “Driving an electric or plug-in vehicle here in Connecticut is about 3-4 times cleaner than driving a gas-powered car. Even though the electricity used to power electric and plug-in hybrid cars comes from our power grid, which uses a mix of renewable and fossil fuels, Connecticut has one of the cleanest electricity grids in the country. As of January 1, 2020, there were about 12,000 electric vehicles in Connecticut. The CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has outlined a goal of having 125,000 electric vehicles on our state’s roads by 2025!”

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To that end, more towns are investing in EV stations of their own. The new EV Essex station takes a credit card swipe to unlock one of the two charging cables. The first hour of electric charging for cars is free and each additional hour is $1.


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