Planning a marketing campaign on TikTok? Create video explainers! 

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform in the UK. Organic social media is the most used marketing channel among British people who run their own businesses and side hustles, and TikTok’s expansive reach and effective algorithms have allowed small businesses the opportunity to go viral overnight through a single post. 

Video tutorials – also known as explainers – are one of the primary types of content drawing British consumers in, with 7 in 10 people stating that they would rather learn about products or services by watching an explainer video. With bite-sized clips delivered by entertaining content creators, it’s also no wonder that people are beginning to search for information on TikTok instead of Google. 

According to iStock’s VisualGPS consumer survey, 62% of Brits use social media to stay informed about their favourite brands, with over half of Brits (51%) seeing it as a place to educate themselves. This number is even higher for digital-native Gen Z (76%) and Millennials (67%). People of all ages are using social media to deepen their hobbies, interests and brand knowledge so small businesses have a real opportunity to engage audiences, using video to connect consumers to their brands and products. 

A source for education and upskilling

Our data shows that searches for “professional development” content in the UK increased by 333% year on year, showing that SMBs are exploring the broader context of development and education. While images can certainly capture this context, video as a format can show the actual process associated with learning something new. 

While a full explainer video is user-generated, the ideas and feelings surrounding this TikTok phenomenon can certainly be conveyed by mixing b-roll clips with original video. Moments that highlight eye contact with the viewer emphasise personality and connection, and tell unique and surprising stories via panning shots, low angles or extreme close-ups. Additionally, think about using editing transitions that mimic the feeling of finding out new information on a social media platform – for example, TikTok users swipe up. 

Keep it light and amusing! 

The popularity of TikTok shows that short-form videos are an effective way to connect with target audiences on a deeper level. With 80% of British consumers stating that watching video content on social media makes them laugh or some, small business owners can use an explainer video to show their personalities and humanise their business.

Incorporating humour and entertainment in videos can be more memorable and easier for viewers to digest. Be inspired by meme culture and capture off-the-cuff and unexpected moments of fun that are unfolding. Pre-shot visuals that look hand-held also resonate better with audiences, as this comes across as more candid. 

With social media videos, less is more

Recent studies show that the average Brit is more likely than not to feel that their attention span has grown shorter, due to the volume of content they are bombarded with online. VisualGPS suggests that the majority of Brits spend between 30 minutes to one hour a day on social media. Additionally, half of TikTok users say that videos that last longer than a minute are stressful. 

To stand out from the crowd, create short clips that are straight to the point with just enough visual information to demonstrate the topic at hand. Adding background music to a video can also boost engagement. It can help fill in any annoying gaps, cut out all background noise, and keep viewers hooked and wanting to know more. 

Autor: Jacqueline Bourke, Senior Director of Creative for EMEA at Getty Images & iStock 

As Senior Director of Creative for EMEA at Getty Images & iStock, Jacqueline heads up a team of researchers, that curates creative insights and regionally relevant content based on worldwide communications and analyze social, cultural and technological data. 

Combined with Getty Images’ invaluable access to customer buying patterns, the team’s work helps identify and shape visual trends that better connect customers to brands under Getty Images’ VisualGPS offering.

Credits: Credit Xavier Lorenzo-iStock

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