Pinterest Reveals How Pinners Are Going ‘Back to (Home) Life’

Pinterest shares its Back to Life report every September, providing insights on Pinners’ thoughts as they transition into the fall season, but the 2020 edition is a little bit different, thanks to Covid-19.

The platform said in a blog post Tuesday, “This year, instead of looking outside the home for inspiration, a fresh start in 2020 clearly begins within the home and within yourself. So, we’re calling this year’s transition ‘Back to (Home) Life.’ Because this year, people on Pinterest are transitioning back to life with an extra emphasis on going inside, both physically and mentally, to focus on the areas where they have the most control.”

Overall, Pinners continued to reflect on personal growth, improvements and mental wellness, with a 64% leap in searches for positivity in July compared with July 2019. Life goals and travel plans are being replaced by personal projects.

Pinterest examined three audiences that have been turning to its platform even more thus far in 2020: Generation Z, men and millennials.

According to Pinterest, Gen Z Pinners are seeking ways to stay positive and healthy (searches for mental health check-in are up five times year-over-year) and to get creative and try new activities (ASMR food up 84%, mindful eating 44% and photoshoot ideas at home up a whopping 56 times).

They are also looking for serenity and mentally balanced spaces in their bedrooms, as searches for Zen bedroom ideas are up five times year-over-year, while calming bedroom is up three times and feng shui bedroom layout is up 2.5 times.

Searches for indie room are up 151 times year-over-year, while those for hippie bedroom décor are up 19 times.

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Meanwhile, millennials maintained a focus on keeping their families healthy and happy, with searches for mental health activities for kids up 3.5 times in July compared with the same month last year, while occupational therapy for kids was up two times, as was conscious parenting.

Speaking of parenting, Pinterest saw year-over-year search spikes for schedule for kids at home (20 times), daily routine schedule for kids (10 times), kids workout routine (88%), animal yoga poses for kids (56%) and indoor swings for kids (three times).

All work and no play are not the proper balance, either, as searches for carnival games for kids were up three times year-over-year, while lava lamp experiments for kids was up 21 times over the same period.

Pinterest said the number of male Pinners is up 50% year-over-year, and they are searching for inspiration on home improvement projects, particularly those related to kids.

Home improvement projects saw a 78% year-over-year search gain, while DIY projector screen was up 41% and woodworking projects for kids was up two times.

Men are also turning to the platform for mental and physical health support, with searches for art therapy activities up 65% year-over-year, while workout routine for men was up 3.5 times and mental strength quotes was up 2.5 times.

Pinterest wrote, “Each year, the start of September and the beginning of autumn is seen by many people around the world as a ‘second new year.’ It’s a time when small improvements, a reset of goals and habits and a fresh motivation to start healthy routines feels more achievable and more personal than New Year’s resolutions. Pinterest calls this moment getting ‘Back to Life,’ as its uniquely engaged audience turns to the platform for ideas on how to transition to the new season, with the intention of making them happen, they have essentially anointed a new New Year.”

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