Persuasive Design: Using Digital Nudges to Improve UX

No matter what your digital product is, whether it is an online game or meditation app, a good user experience (UX) is at the core of your success. If your product is not easy or an enjoyable experience to use, you will fail to maintain user retention and your product will probably not capture market share.

Obviously, we don’t want that, which is why it is important to know how to make your product intuitive for the user. One important way to do this is with digital “nudges”, which are essentially in-product design features that encourage a user to engage with your product and get the most out of it. Here are some of our favorite examples of persuasive digital design that do just that.

Persuasive Design: Using Digital Nudges to Improve UX

Amazon and Visual Hierarchy

The e-commerce giant Amazon is famous for its stripped-back, bare-bones design. You won’t find expensive stock photos or high-definition animations on the Amazon website, but you will find a simple, incredibly persuasive design that makes the user journey intuitive in every way. The most illustrative example is Amazon’s use of visual hierarchy, which directs the user’s eye towards the “add to cart” and “complete order” functions, using button placement and color to draw the eye to where it should be.

Spotify’s User Journey 

Spotify has a knack for attracting and onboarding new subscribers, which is why its subscriber figures have continued to confound all expectations and grow every single year since it was launched. Part of the reason it is able to onboard subscribers so successfully is through its use of persuasive design. New customers are walked through every step of the sign-up and customization process, with pre-filled buttons and boxes allowing users to go from having no account to being fully established users with several custom playlists in just a few seconds.

Westin’s Persuasive Imagery

Sometimes, persuasive imagery does not require a range of snazzy design features. Instead, you just need to remind the customer why they are there. This has been done to great effect by Westin, the luxury travel arm of the Marriott empire. Throughout its site and its app, you will mostly find pages with just a single clickable button, laid at the center of an absolutely beautiful image of one of Westin’s premier destinations. The image dominates the screen on every page, constantly persuading the user to continue on their journey and book the trip of a lifetime. This is design at its most effective. 

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Fishin Frenzy Free Spins 

Let’s also use an example from the multi-billion-dollar world of online casino gaming. Some of the most successful online slot products manage to stay popular because they utilize in-game features to make gameplay more rewarding. One great example here is the acclaimed Fishin Frenzy slot, available at Buzz Bingo. In this 5-reel, fishing-themed slot, players are periodically rewarded with free spins, sometimes more than 20 at a time. This is a way of giving back to the users of the product and showing them that they’re appreciated. It is one of the guiding principles of marketing, applied to digital product design.

These are the ways that you can incorporate persuasive design to create a truly fabulous digital product. Give them a try today.

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