Own a piece of the Internet with Houm

Try and remember the last time you were searching for a product/service online, and after a while, you notice an advertisement about the same product while scrolling through your Facebook feed on your phone. While some of you know why you see those ads, a majority of people are still baffled by this. It’s no surprise that our actions on the Internet are never private and are tracked continuously by data corporations.

All your logins, pictures, and even search history is a part of a massive data trail that you’ve left behind since you first started using the Internet. Somehow, in our attempt to achieve the dream of an interconnected world, big corporations are running for people’s data. In 2017, data surpassed oil as the most valuable resource on this planet.

In these past two years, we’ve witnessed that data has become crucial for businesses and corporations alike. However, people are now more aware than ever when it comes to data privacy. With the increase in the number of data scandals like the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica, we also witnessed the dark side of technology. What stuns us more is the way it is used against the collective well-being of the people.

The truth is, there’s absolutely nothing on the Internet that’s owned by you. Just think about it. The pictures you share on Facebook via Google Photos or iCloud all reside with big corporations. All the data generated by you are tracked and cross-pollinated across different mediums. That’s it; you’re stuck in the vicious cycle.

While going away from the Internet isn’t an option and sometimes isn’t feasible, there’s no other known way of owning your data. Well, until now!

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Build your private home on the Internet with Houm

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Houm offers you a chance to own a piece of the Internet just like you own your home. It’s a private space that’s advertiser-free and comes with different storage options depending on the needs. With Houm, you will legally own space on the Internet where you can store all your digital assets.

The most significant advantage of this service is that no one can have access to your private data except for you. Moreover, you can access it remotely from any part of the world, and it stays secure without any intervention.

What’s it like to have a private home on the Internet?

Your access to digital home starts by signing up to houm.me, after which, you can set up your domain. This domain name will be the key to your digitally stored belongings, and you’ll never have to revisit Houm.

The service will ensure that your data remains secure and private, away from the eyes of marketers and data-miners. With Houm, you will be offered flexibility to choose between different storage plans. This storage space will be required in your digital area to store pictures, videos, and documents, among others.

After building your Houm, you can connect it with your Google, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram accounts and have all of the data in a single place that you own. Houm also gives you an option to upload digital content manually.

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Next up, you can ask your friends, family, and peers to get on the service and create a neighborhood. Again, the neighborhood remains private and only comprises of the people you trust. Through this, one can also interact with other people on Houm without leaving the private space.

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(Image credit: HOUM)

Houm also allows you to nominate a successor to your digital assets, so you can be sure that your data doesn’t end up with someone you don’t want, long after you’re gone. In all, Houm is your digital home, away from home. 



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