One of the Most Violent Video Games in History is Coming to…Nintendo Switch?!?

Nintendo recently surprised gamers with the announcement that the ultra-violent and controversial Postal: Redux will be coming to the Switch.

The announcement that the extremely violent and controversial video game Postal: Redux will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 16 surprised many gamers. Nintendo tends to focus on family-friendly content more than other big-name companies in the industry. Unlike characters like Master Chief and Nathan Drake, Nintendo’s mascots like Mario and Kirby are appropriate for all ages to enjoy. However, Postal: Redux‘s port could indicate that the company wants to appeal to more than families.

Postal: Redux is an HD remake of the graphic 1997 isometric shooter Postal. The original game ruffled feathers across the globe with its disturbing depiction of violence and gore. In it, players take the role of a homicidal maniac known as the Postal Dude as he wreaks havoc across the small town of Paradise, Arizona. The game’s been described as a mass murder simulator and has been banned in over 10 countries.

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Nintendo’s decision to bring the controversial game to the Switch took gamers by surprise. However, this isn’t the first ultra-violent video game to come to a Nintendo console. The brutal 2009 beat ’em up Madworld shocked many Nintendo fans with its brutal combat and excessive use of blood when it launched on the Wii. While Madworld didn’t fit in with the most of the Wii’s library, it did spark interest in some gamers who would have otherwise ignored the console. Nintendo may be trying to do the same thing with Postal: Redux. The game could bring in a new audience that previously viewed the Switch as a children’s console.

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Believe it or not, the Postal series actually has a large and extremely loyal fanbase, some of whom have been following the series since its debut and enjoy its contentious gameplay. The unruly franchise has also been garnered attention lately with the early access release of Postal 4: No Regerts and the upcoming spin-off title Postal: Brain Damaged. Nintendo is likely aware of its growing cult status and looking to capitalize on its newfound fame.

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Surprisingly, Postal: Redux is actually perfect for the Switch’s range of play. It’s a fast-paced game that is easy to jump in and out of, making it an ideal for playing on the go. Players can easily beat a level or two while riding the bus or waiting for delivery. It also fits in with the Switch’s vast collection of retro games. Nintendo has been resurrecting a lot of classic titles recently, making it one of the best systems for revisiting older games. Although Postal: Redux is much more violent than many of these classic games, it still has the same retro feel as other nostalgic titles.

Postal: Redux might seem like an unusual game to bring to the Switch due to its controversial and grizzly nature that makes it stand out from most Nintendo titles. It is a bold move for a company so heavily associated with family-friendly content. However, diversifying the console’s library with more mature titles widens the system’s appeal while offering existing users unconventional experiences. It just goes to show how unpredictable the legendary video game company actually is.

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