Offer Help To Flood Victims In Johor And Pahang Through Facebook’s Crisis Response Page | News

It’s been nothing but rain, rain and more rain since 2021 has begun. 

While most Malaysians are relishing the cold climate, many especially those in Johor, Pahang and other parts of Malaysia have been battling with floods.

Water levels going up.

If you’ve been reading the reports or are living in these flooded areas, you can do more than just share reports. 

Facebook has activated a crisis response page specifically for The Flooding in Pahang and Johor, Malaysia.

Through the page, you can not only mark yourself as safe but you can check on friends and offer assistance to those in need.

There are several tabs available within the Facebook crisis page itself.

They include options to donate money, clothes, food, baby supplies, toiletries, equipment or even offer shelter.

Many ways to help.

A place to offer and get help.

Through the page, you can also get information (usually from those directed impacted by it). 

According to Bernama, the floods in Johor have affected seven districts, with 6,557 evacuees recorded so far (as of 3 January). 

Meanwhile in Pahang, more than 3,200 people have been evacuated to relief centres with heavy rains continuing there.

So guys, do what you can to help through Facebook’s crisis response page

If you have some other channel that you would like to put out there, you can include it in our comments section. 

Through thick or thin. We should do our part to help.


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